Aging beautifully isn’t just about keeping your face straight. It’s about keeping the whole body in good shape. But how do you ensure that the effects of aging slow down? One way is to be guided by medical experts. At Holland Health Clinic they are specialized in charting your health and giving valuable advice in this area. I went there for a health check. Read on for my experience!

Measuring is knowing

I love keeping numbers and graphs. Even when it comes to my health. So when Holland Health Clinic invited me for a general health check, I didn’t have to think twice. Of course I often visit doctors for the necessary preventive (and anti-aging) examinations, but experience shows that every practice has its own approach and hobbyhorses.

Holland Health Clinic’s approach

Holland Health Clinic uses 5 pillars to determine health. These are:

  • motivation
  • movement
  • nutrition
  • Psyche
  • measurements

Nice to mention is that at HHC you will not be helped by just 1 doctor. No, this Amsterdam club has a whole team of doctors at your disposal, each with expertise in a specific area.

Green Zone

All aspects I mentioned above are mapped out, so that a clear overall picture is created of overall health. The so-called Green Zone benchmark is used for this. This is the ideal health level at which the physical parameters are in balance. If you score well on all tests, you are in the Green Zone. And you have the greatest chance of turning 85 in a healthy way. “Powerful eighty”, they call it at HHC. How do you achieve this according to them? Through the right combination of regular exercise, the right diet and personal stress management. A so-called holistic approach.

My consultation

No less than 1.5 hours was set aside for me in the stately building in Amsterdam South. The intake was done by Dr Stèfanie IJzer. For example, questionnaires about my lifestyle were discussed, but I also had to get to work. Think of agility exercises and my flexibility was also extensively tested. My blood pressure was also measured and Dr. Iron took blood. Take a deep breath, because I’m not such a hero when they poke me…. The blood was then sent to a laboratory for examination.

holland health club

After the consultation

When I said goodbye, I got a nice black band around my arm. A Fit Bit, which I had to wear for 1 week and then return it by post. With this tracker, doctors can determine even more accurately the state of health. This band keeps track of how much you move in a day and what your sleeping pattern looks like.

holland health clinicThe outcome

It takes about 2 weeks before the results are known. This will be explained to you personally by means of a video call connection, followed by receiving an extensive report. Nicely packaged as a present. Nice metaphor, because good health is of course a great gift!

Points of improvement

You will understand that after all these measurements and inspections, I was very curious about my own results. Fortunately, I score quite well in “Green Zone technical”. However, there are still a number of points for improvement. Something with glasses of alcohol and such. I know…. but it is also so difficult to turn down those delicious rosés and other drinks here in France. Fortunately, they also give practical tips at HHC. By drinking more water, you automatically drink less alcohol. I will also just make my non-alcoholic cocktail more often. Promise!

I can also be a bit more flexible in my lower back and thighs. Doing extra stretching exercises can help with that. Let’s get to work too, because I just want to be able to keep tying my shoelaces when I’m Forever 79 ;-).

No guarantee

No matter how good test results may be, unfortunately no one has the guarantee that they will really live to be 85 years old. But it is of course a nice way to gain insight into your health. What are you doing well and what could be done better? You can definitely take advantage of that knowledge. And the chance of reaching a respectable age in a healthy way is much greater.

My experience with Holland Health Clinic

Nice to be presented with the status of your health on a silver platter. And then also in a casual, but very professional way. I also found the report with the results clear and well-arranged. The approach is holistic and I have never seen this way before. But it doesn’t stop there. Personal, practical tools are provided to improve weaker points of your health. You can really do something with that. In short, I can heartily recommend you to do a health check at Holland Health Clinic!


Have you become enthusiastic after my story and would you also like to have mapped out how healthy you actually are? A health check like I did, costs 350.00 euros. This includes the first intake, the blood test, the discussion of the results. And after 6 months you will receive a follow-up for this amount, to see whether results have been achieved.

Do you want more information? Then see the Holland Health Clinic website.

holland health clinic

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