Would I like to try the serums from Croma’s brand new Farewell line? As a skincare junkie I don’t say no to that! I tried the Farewell anti-aging serum and the one for irritated skin. Read my findings about these Farewell serums from Croma here.

What is Croma Pharma?

No, I’m not going to make a silly joke with a reference to a baking agent ;-). Because then you really do Croma Pharma short. This Croma is a serious pharmaceutical company from Austria with many years of experience in (among other things) innovative skin treatments. Their range includes fillers, masks and PDO products. And now they have released a new line of serums.


Croma’s serums go by the name Farewell. It is a targeted skin care line, where the intention is to say goodbye to your skin problem (hence the name Farewell). The line is classified according to skin conditions: oily, dry, irritated, aged and bags under the eyes.

These new serums distinguish themselves on the following points:

• they are based on the principles of Clean beauty; without parabens, perfume, silicones and mineral oils.
• All serums contain a high-quality hyaluronic acid of both a high
molecular weight as a low molecular weight

How do you use Farewell?

Apply 3 drops daily to cleansed skin. It’s a serum, so regular care follows after that. Because the Farewell serums are so mild, you can use them both in the morning and in the evening.

My experience with Farewell

I tried the irritated skin and the aged skin variants. See below for my personal experience with these serums.

Irritated skin

I have a history of skin allergies, as you may remember. Since I had to go through life temporarily as a swollen fighting fish after a (incorrectly dosed) vitamin C treatment, I can no longer apply everything on my skin. I have therefore had to drastically downsize my great lubrication hobby to products that give me little or no reaction. Even so, I sometimes wake up with red skin or bumps. So I was the perfect person to test the Farewell serum that helps against irritated skin. So when I woke up one good (or bad ;-)) morning with a red face full of bumps, I couldn’t wait to open the bottle for irritated skin. I put 3 drops on my face. At noon I took another look in the mirror and tadaahhh: the bumps were gone and the redness a lot less. So it really works! After that time I always use the serum if I have the faintest suspicion that some form of irritation is coming. Always with the same beautiful result. So you already understand: this bottle will definitely have a permanent place on my sink. I can really recommend anyone with sensitive skin to have the serum on standby in case something goes wrong. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, madecassoside, d-pathenol and biotech peptide.

Aged skin

Of course I also wanted to try the serum that prevents skin aging (because it’s top sport to stay 39 forever, haha…). This serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and the wonder ingredient Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract. Yes, I had never heard of this last ingredient either. Wrongly, because this fabric is a true anti-aging champion. It works on a molecular level to trigger collagen production and stimulate cell renewal. In fact, it works so well that it is comparable to retinol.

Retinol, as you may know, is one of the few ingredients that has been scientifically proven to actually help against skin aging. The only drawback is that it can be irritating and therefore it is not suitable for every skin. Normally I put retinol on my face about 2 times a week, I can just bear that. In order to properly rate Farewell’s anti-aging serum, I stopped using retinol all summer. The first thing I can report is that my skin is not irritated at all from the Farewell serum (which is sometimes the case with retinol). But, more importantly, I didn’t notice any difference with retinol in terms of wrinkles and firmness! The Farewell serum has the same effect as retinol, but without the irritating properties. How beautiful is that?

buy farewell

Now you are naturally curious how you can try these serums yourself. Croma recently opened its own webshop, so take a look there. ps: know that it is not cheap, because it costs 124 euros per bottle of 30 ml. But then you have something! It also lasts a long time, because you only need 3 drops at a time. In addition, you temporarily get 15% discount on your purchase in the Croma webshop. Use code: HELLOYOU

Do you want to win Farewell?

But we’re not there yet. I can give away a bottle of Farewell to 2 readers of Anti-Aging Secret! How fun. How do you participate? Easy. Enter your details below. That’s it. If you win, you get to choose a bottle for your specific skin problem. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 14 December via

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