Remove wrinkles on the décolleté? Then see this new method

Remove wrinkles on the décolleté?  Then see this new method

Do you know that? Those stripes on your décolleté, also called deco lines? You often get for free and for nothing with the passing of the years. But if it starts to bother you too much, know that you can have something done about it. The Van Rosmalen clinic will tell you all about it today.

The Dallas cleavage treatment

Who isn’t bothered by it? Annoying lines that form a crackle pattern in your décolleté, especially when you wake up in the morning. Fortunately, something can now be done about it: the Dallas cleavage treatment. Specially developed for the treatment of lines, wrinkles and hydration deficiency. This treatment rejuvenates the skin, slows down the aging process and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The result is astonishing. Fewer wrinkles, even after waking up. Just smooth, shiny and radiant skin on your décolleté!

How does it work?

The Dallas cleavage treatment is performed by the skin therapist. First, she applies a peeling to the skin to be treated. This to remove dead skin cells and improve the skin barrier, reducing moisture loss. The peeling also removes the pigment spots present. Then a numbing cream is applied, so you feel less pain during the treatment with fillers that follows.

Hyaluronic Acid

A moisturizing hyaluronic acid is then introduced, which fills in the lines. This is followed by a hyaluron, which is a kind of cream in an injectable syringe. This promotes hydration and improves the skin: the skin becomes thicker and firmer. To maintain optimal results and prevent wrinkles in the future, pre- and post-treatment with an antioxidant and SPF50 is essential.

The Dallas cleavage treatment consists of 3 treatments: 1 treatment (2 ml) per month for 3 months. The treatment can be combined well with an IPL treatment against redness and pigment.

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