Rejuvenate your neck, the solutions that work

Rejuvenate your neck, the solutions that work

The neck ages visibly, and it is prone to wrinkles as well as spots and sagging. At first discreet around the age of forty, the loss of firmness becomes a reality around the age of fifty.

What to do when the skin on the neck is irregular (spots, wrinkles, etc.)?

Due to repeated exposure (UV, traction, etc.), the skin of the neck is stressed and can mark in different waysfrom 35-40 years old.

At the dermatologist, the stain treatment is done with a pigment laser. When the neck is red, it is treated with a vascular laser. “You can also use flash lamps which will however have less lasting results than lasers”, specifies Dr. Isabelle Catoni. Count around 200 € for a laser session.

Against small skin growths, the dermatologist can cut them or remove them with a blasted laserf, of theelectrocoagulationor withliquid nitrogen. Price: from 50 to 100 € depending on the number of lesions.

Against the first wrinkles, “effective solutions are combined treatments,” explains Dr. Catoni. We use first heating techniques (infrared laser, radiofrequency, etc.) or focused ultrasound to create an area which, as it heals, will generate collagen. To these physical heating techniques are associated chemical techniques by injecting hyaluronic acid very fluid and/or vitamin cocktails mesolift style, which will boost skin renewal”. Count approximately 200 to 300 € for a session of radiofrequency, laser, 500 € for ultrasounds, and 200 € for hyaluronic acid or mesolift.

To find out what is really going on with the different techniques aimed at reducing wrinkles, plumping the skin, stimulating cell regeneration, listen to this episode of Hypercondriaque, the prevention podcast from Santé Magazine. Aline Perraudin, Editorial Director, receives Pr Brigitte Dréno, Head of the Dermato-Cancerology Department at Nantes University Hospital and member of the Scientific Committee of Santé magazine.

What to do when you have a double chin?

Due to weight, a double chin can appear early, from the age of 35. Due to age and the inevitable descent of tissues, the neck can become an area of ​​fat accumulation.

Dermatological solutions: the latest to arrive on the market, the Belkyra is a drug composed of deoxycholic acid, a substance that attacks the membrane of fat cells, causing their destruction.

Another technique: cryolipolysis – a non-invasive method –, which makes it possible to cold treatment of fat pads reducing them by about a third. A small tip fits the area under the chin. Count from 200 to 300 € per session (one hour), two sessions may be necessary.

The surgical solution essentially consists of liposuction. Beforehand, an ultrasound must be done to see if the fat is in front or behind the muscle.

  • If the fat is in front of the muscle, under the skin, the surgeon can perform simple liposuction, possibly combined with radiofrequency sessions to firm up the tissues. Count 1,500 €.
  • If the fat is behind the muscle, the surgeon will make an opening with a two centimeter scar under the chin, to remove the fat. In the latter case, and if sagging skin is observed, the surgeon can take advantage of this opening to remove a little skin, without it being a real cervical lift. Count 2,500 €.

What to do when the tendons show each other?

When the person is quite lean, the skin in the neck area can form like ropes, which greatly ages the general appearance, as early as 45-50 years old.

If the tendons are more apparent when the woman clenches her teeth, this is a muscle problem and can be treated with Botox injections carried out by a dermatologist or an experienced plastic surgeon, so as not to create swallowing disorders. Price: €200 per session.

If these lines on the neck look the same and are not accentuated when the person clenches their teeth, it is a “cutaneous cord” and the treatment is surgical, the same as when the skin loses firmness (see below below).

What to do when the skin on the neck loses firmness?

The loss of firmness corresponds to the majority of demands on this area, and it can happen very early, from the age of 40.

Surgical solutions:

  • At 45-50 years old, for more substantial care, the surgeon examines the position of the chin, the presence of fat, excess skin, and the condition of the muscles. “In a 45-year-old woman, we can do partial surgery to reattach the tense muscles behind the ear, and remove the excess skin: this is the cervical lift pure,” explains Dr. Patrick Bui. Expect €5,000.
  • At age 50 and over: the facelift will encompass the neck area extended to the lower part of the cheeks (jowls). ” It’s here oval face and neck surgery : the surgeon does not just pull the skin, he will reconstruct the muscular planes, and thus raise the tissues that have descended. » For oval surgery, count between 7,500 and 10,000 €.

These surgical procedures present the risks inherent in any procedure. The surgeon takes into account the great risk linked to this area: the facial nerve which passes at the level of the neck and which must not be touched.

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