Do you suffer from a slack jawline, overactive neck muscle (cable formation) and marionette muscle that pulls down the corners of the mouth? There is a method to remedy this: the Nefertiti elevator. dr. Shailindra (Shai) Rambaran of the Van Rosmalen clinic tells you all about it today.

Nefertiti elevator


With age, not only does our skin weaken, the bone structure also changes. And that has an effect on the jawline. Cheeks sag and gradually our face loses its V-shape with high cheekbones and tight jawline. This is often made worse by excessive activity of the neck muscle and marionette muscle causing the fat to sink higher up from the face, resulting in hamster cheeks. A slack jawline makes us look older and more tired than we really are.

The treatment

Fortunately, there is something that can be done without immediate surgical intervention: the Nefertiti lift, named after the beautiful Egyptian queen Nefertiti, a non-invasive treatment of the jawline and neck with Botox ®.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes. First, the cosmetic doctor applies an anesthetic cream to the area to be treated. The doctor then injects small amounts of Botox ® under the skin in the chin and lower jaw with a fine needle. The overactive neck muscle and marionette muscle are also treated with Botox ®.

What does it do?

Botox ® improves the contours of the face by tightening and tightening the jawline and neck, resulting in a fresher and younger appearance. The effect is immediately visible and lasts up to three months. For optimal results, the treatment should be repeated several times a year. At an early stage, Botox offers an excellent result, but in case of a serious slackening of the jawline, it is better to opt for fillers, for example with Hyaluronic Acid. The result then lasts a little longer, about 9 months. A treatment costs 370 euros.

After treatment

You may experience slight swelling after the treatment, but these will disappear after a few days. You can resume your activities almost immediately.

Shailindra (Shai) RambaranRegards,

Dr Shailindra (Shai) Rambaran

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