Are you, like me, always up for good and useful tips to keep hopping around like a young girl for as long as possible? Then this new bookazine series is definitely something for you. In the first book of the series, ‘Masterplan Nutrition, vitamins, rejuvenation’, you learn with simple tricks how to keep your skin in top condition, but also how you can be assured of good vitality and health. This issue explains how rejuvenation is possible by choosing the right nutrition, supported by carefully chosen vitamin supplements.

It’s officially a book, but it just flips like a magazine, with articles from various anti-aging experts and beautiful pictures. For example, you can discover the beauty secrets of the wonderful anti-aging doctor Jeannette Hessels (see photo), who you would easily estimate 10 years younger than her real age. Good for her and of course very interesting how she manages to keep her youthful appearance! I can tell you it has something to do with good nutrition, enough exercise and the right supplements.

The creator of the book, Pim Christiaans, is no stranger to this field and has now emerged (after 30 years of experience) into a true anti-aging guru (see for example his book: ‘Check your shelf life’). Earlier, for Anti Aging, Pim already answered the question of how you can work super effectively on your shelf life with little time. And in response to his latest creation, I asked Pim a few additional questions, see below for his response.

Pim, many women are still not familiar with the indispensable vitamin K2. Why is this vitamin so important?

This vitamin is really very important because it regulates the calcium balance. Vitamin K2 ensures that the calcium you ingest through food and supplements does not end up in the artery walls (arteriosclerosis!), but in the bones. Research shows that almost all of us get too little K2. This means that entire tribes who now take calcium daily against osteoporosis, are in fact poisoning themselves. Because due to the K2 deficiency, the calcium does not go to the bones, but to the blood vessels…

So NEVER swallow lime without K2. That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you start taking K2, the arteriosclerosis can decrease again: your vessels become smoother and younger again! Furthermore, there are all kinds of indications that vitamin K2 also helps to protect your skin, your heart and your brain against aging. Because it is difficult to get optimal amounts of K2 from food (or you have to like the Japanese natto, brrrr), it is recommended to take a daily supplement with about 175 mcg K2 (in the form of MK7).

And how do you ensure that life remains a bit cozy, despite a responsible anti-aging lifestyle?

I do that myself by applying the 80-20 rule: 80 percent of the time I live healthy and 20 percent of the time I prioritize pleasure. So I like to drink a few glasses of wine, sometimes pop into the pub and then sometimes go on into the small hours, take a bite of a sugary cake, etcetera. Enjoyment is also very good for body and mind! And because I live so healthy, I can have it… Incidentally, I also enjoy healthy things, such as a tasty salad or a round of sports. My way of life is really cozy enough to want to continue it well past my hundredth :-).

Well, that sounds good right? Do you want to know more about getting/keeping the best version of yourself? Order your own copy of ‘Masterplan Nutrition, vitamins, rejuvenation’ now.

PS: the main theme of the next issue of the series is ‘skin and hair’, so as a beauty addict I can’t wait for this new book/magazine to roll off the press!

Credits photo Jeannette Hessels: Life Unlimited

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