As an anti-aging blogger, you naturally keep a close eye on the news about anti-aging products. And you certainly have my attention when you bring new cosmeceutical products onto the market in which the (raw) raw materials are extra effective. It concerns Rawceuticals, the new line of EmerginC. So when the super nice Sarah Piening from Beauty Conscious invited me for an introduction to this innovation from EmerginC, of ​​course I couldn’t refuse!


The American Cosmeceutical brand EmerginC is extremely conscious. They are always looking for products that work well without being harmful to people, animals and the environment. So they work with pure raw materials, they use as few chemicals as possible (not at all in the organic line, by the way) and they don’t forget the environment during production. In short, right up my alley.


And now EmerginC has developed a line based on cold-pressed, raw ingredients: Rawceuticals. These are skin care products whose ingredients have been processed and heated as little as possible. This means that the raw materials have been heated to a maximum of 45 degrees. This guarantees the effect of the beneficial active ingredients as much as possible. So it fits perfectly with the raw food-yoga-conscious lifestyle! After all, taking good care of your temple is (and rightly so) all the time. The products are also made in smaller numbers, so that freshness can be guaranteed. And it all smells super nice and natural, like you’re walking through a forest.

Phytovie complex

It is not only the use of raw ingredients that makes these products so special. All raw products are also provided with the so-called Phytovie complex. Phyto what, I hear you thinking?! This is a natural copolymer (collection of a group of the same molecules) that leaves a protective layer against free radicals. All proven in studies. And yes, you also need such a protective layer, especially if you live in a big city. Air pollution is in the top 3 of skin aging. Did you know?

Products Rawceuticals EmerginC

Enough about the background of this “new kid in town”. Which products can you add to your daily care ritual?


What does Clean do? Clean who cleans, but on his Raws. It is a hydrophilic, cold-pressed oil, with active ingredients such as hemp, sunflower oil and of course the secret weapon PhytoVie. Clean is a gentle cleansing for everyone, but especially nice for aging skin due to the rich amount of ingredients of cold-pressed oils.

Boreal Tonic

This Tonic softens and nourishes the skin after using its Clean buddy. It contains basil and bark extract (with special anti-aging qualities) from the super clean Boreal Forest in Canada. Oh yes, I almost forgot the water of the Argentière glacier on the right side of Mont Blanc. Yep, you read that right: the right side. So not the left or a puddle somewhere in the middle, because only on the right is the water apparently rich in the mineral silicon. And this is an important nutrient because it can be a building material for connective tissue. Just so you know!

Red Berry Dual Mask & Gommage

A multi-purpose product, because you can apply it as a mask, but it can also be scrubbed. The magical ingredients are kaolin (which cleanses) and raspberry seed. Good for nourishing and cleansing your skin.


Blend is the moisturizer in the line. Rich in chia seeds and hemp, to fully combat fine lines and wrinkles. And of course with Phytovie, so this friend also protects well against harmful free radicals.

Eye & Lip Craft

Last but not least, EmerginC has developed the Eye & Lip Craft. This is a nourishing moisturizer for both your eyes and lips. It has a soothing effect and tackles those miserable lines and wrinkles. With active ingredients such as carrot seed oil, cocoa butter and the radical killer PhytoVie, everything will be fine.


Do you live consciously and do you like honest, pure products? Then this new line from Emerginc might be something for you. Otherwise, let yourself be pampered with Rawceuticals during a beauty treatment, for example at Beauty Bewust by Sarah Piening. An extremely relaxed way to get acquainted with RRRRRrawceuticals without obligation.

Rawceuticals are available at EmerginC Salons across the country, starting at 39.95 euros.

rawceuticals red berry dual mask

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