Radiofrequency – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Radiofrequency – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Bipolar, tripolar radiofrequency

What is bipolar, tripolar radiofrequency? Radiofrequency is a treatment for sagging skin.

This technique is similar in principle to non-ablative lasers and is only intended for moderate sagging skin on the face and body.


Radiofrequency improves:

– the oval of the face, by treating the cutaneous ptosis of the loss of the beginner oval

– the birth of jowls in subjects aged 40 to 65

– relaxation of the inner side of the arms

It can be combined with any other aesthetic technique: mesolift, injection, botulinum toxin, ultrasound, other lasers, etc.


The immediate effect is often visible so early the treatment carried out. The face appears tense after the session, as if “lifted”. The delayed effect is what we are looking for. It occurs after several weeks or even months. The radiofrequency technique is similar in principle to non-ablative lasers and is only intended for moderate sagging skin on the face and body.

It is the depletion of the dermis in collagen and elastin that causes the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. By heating the skin in depth, the radio frequency waves cause the dermis to retract the collagen fibers and then produce new collagen, thus resulting in firming of the skin and a reduction in fine lines and cellulite.

This technique, which was then considered painful and risky, is now made safer by the arrival of new devices. After Thermage TM (monopolar radiofrequency) then Aluma TM (bipolar radiofrequency), the third generation of radiofrequencies is represented in particular by Regen TM and Tripollar.

The Regen: This tripolar radiofrequency was introduced by Pollogen Ltd. It uses three or more electrodes to deliver energy. The advantage of having multiple poles or electrodes lies in the possibility of better focusing the energy, so that the power required is less, the treatment is painless and is carried out with efficiency in complete safety.

A cure includes 10 sessions at a rate of 2 sessions per week, temperature 40.5°.

the Tri-Pollar :

The Tripollar uses tripolar radiofrequency technology which diffuses heat. The current flows continuously between the three electrodes arranged in a triangle on the tip and diffuses the heat without risk of damage to the skin surface and heats the skin up to the hypodermis in order to stimulate the production and synthesis of collagen and elastin.


The treatment concerns only the oval of the face. The top of the cheekbone is the limit not to be crossed, due to a risk of edema around the eyes.

Short term result : collagen fibers retract in width and length, resulting in immediately visible tension in the skin.

The oval is lifted, the face seems more tense, as if plumped from the inside.

Long-term outcome : Heat-stimulated fibroblasts produce new collagen. The skin becomes smoother, wrinkles are less visible, fine lines framing the mouth are very reduced. The treatment also strengthens the tone of the double chin and the neck.

Plan 5 to 8 sessions spaced one to three weeks apart. Thereafter, the maintenance is done every 6 to 8 weeks.

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