Quanis anti-aging patches: fillers without needles

Quanis anti-aging patches: fillers without needles

Do you remember that I was introduced to the Quanis anti-aging patches a while ago? You stick these patches on your face, after which they provide more volume and fewer wrinkles. In short, the effect of a filler, but without annoying prickling. The lovely ladies of Wiemooiwilzijn.nl drew my attention to this fun product and ensured that I received a treatment from Sarah Piening from Beauty Bewust in Amsterdam. But it didn’t stop there. I was also sent a special package of Quanis Dermafiller for home use, which I diligently started working on last month. Would you like to find out more about this product and are you curious if you liked it? Read my review below.

What are Quanis anti-aging patches?

These are patches that are intended to tackle dryness lines, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, etc. All good active ingredients are included in the patches, which are introduced into the stratum corneum of the skin by means of tiny dots (microcrystals). It concerns hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C. All substances that are known for their great value in the field of skin improvement. It is not for nothing that these anti-aging patches have been immensely popular in Japan for years!

How does it work?

So the Quanis anti-aging patches have very small dots that consist of crystallized hyaluronic acid. The dots are so tiny that you can’t see them with the naked eye (they’re only 200/300 microns wide). These tiny dots (there are no fewer than 1800!) penetrate the skin and in this way bring the active ingredients to the place where they should be: the stratum corneum alias the horny layer. This allows you to provide filling and care to your skin from the inside out. Super clever idea, right? And even better is the story behind it. Doctors were looking for an easy and painless way to administer vaccinations to children. That’s how this technique came about.


The main ingredients of the patches are: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen. But especially for the chemists among us, here’s the exact composition of Quanis Dermafiller:

sodium hyaluronate 93.9%
hydrolyzed collagen 2.0%
trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate 2.0%
ectoin 2.0%
adenosine 0.1%

Quanis Dermafiller is also completely responsible. It contains only natural substances and no fragrances or dyes. Finally, it has not been tested on animals and does not contain alcohol.

Filler without needles

A big advantage of the plasters is that you can achieve the same with them as with fillers. You bring hyaluronic acid where it really needs to be: in your skin. But in a less extreme way. Quanis is a milder, friendlier variation of fillers. Ideal if you are afraid of needles, or if you find fillers ‘a bridge too far’.

Which areas?

In principle, you can apply the patches wherever you need them. Frequently treated areas are the folds at the corners of the mouth and the bags under the eyes. But I’ve also heard that there are ladies who use the patches to give their cleavage a boost. Always nice for next time, but in this review I have limited myself to the bags under my eyes.

When will you see results?

You will see results immediately after just one treatment. I was able to experience this myself after my session in Sarah’s treatment chair (see my previous article about this treatment with the Quanis Dermafiller). However, to maintain the result, it is recommended to follow a course in which you use the patches twice a week for 1 month. After that, the result lasts for 3 months.


It is actually a very good product, because there are not so many contraindications and it is extremely safe. For example, you do not have to be (extra) careful with the sun, it goes well with all kinds of care products such as cosmeceuticals and it can be used over a filler. The only restriction is that it is better to wait 2 weeks after a filler treatment before sticking the patches on the treated area. After a botox treatment, a waiting period of 3 days applies.

My experience with Quanis anti-aging patches

What exactly did I test?

Last month I tested the patches for home use under my eyes. You apply these patches before going to bed and take them off when you get up. The goal was to reduce the bags under my eyes. To this end, I applied the patches twice a week.

Apply patches

Now on to the practical part. What is my experience with applying those hyaluronan miracles? Can I be brief: it’s fairly idot proof (and yes, I can say that, because I’m the female version of Clumsy Smurf from time to time). How does it work? Take a bag and tear it open. In this bag you will find a transparent plastic step with the plasters on it. Take one of these patches and apply it where you want. Make sure that you press the rough side against the skin, because that side is where the ingredients are (wouldn’t be a shame if you lay all night with stickers under your eyes for nothing, haha!). Then gently press the patches so that the process can begin. Just press a few times and it will tingle. When the tingling subsides again, you are done with this side and the plaster can start doing its work. Then repeat for the other side of your face. That’s it! You apply the patches before going to sleep and they can be taken off when you get up.

Does it hurt?

No, I don’t think the plasters really hurt. I compare the feeling with pressing sandpaper on your skin, so not really the end of the world. It is nice to apply the patches some time before going to sleep. Then the dots have already been resolved a bit and it is just a bit more pleasant.

Do I think the Quanis anti-aging patches work?

Absolute! I can really see a difference under my eyes. Although the ramparts are not completely gone, they are less deep and less present. I look more rested. My skin also looks tighter and smoother. Also, the color under my eyes has improved significantly. I suffered from a bluish glow, but that has become a lot less. i like!!! Just a practical tip: your skin may be a bit wrinkled from the patch after removing it. It will go away on its own, but it’s good to keep that in mind.

My final verdict

As an anti-aging blogger, I of course keep track of all developments and I see many promising claims almost daily. All products promise to make wrinkles disappear like snow in the sun, but unfortunately most of the time money disappears from your wallet. There is a lot of chaff among the wheat in this market. But I have had good experiences with the Quanis anti-aging patches from Quanis. They really do something for you, is my belief. They are super useful if your head could use a boost, for example in a period with little sleep. Or if you have to be super répré for the day because you have a photo session for the Vogue or something. No kidding, but you know what I mean. Just spend a night with those bandages on your head and you’ll be fine. After following the treatment I also see that the skin under my eyes has improved. No, the bags are not completely gone, but there is still a significant improvement. In short, I’m glad I got to know these miracle plasters.

Do you want to try the Quanis anti-aging patches yourself?

Have you become curious about these plasters after my review and do you want to know where you can try them yourself? First of all, you can have the patches applied during a beauty treatment in a specialized salon. The suggested retail price for this treatment is EUR 40.00. It is useful to start with this, because then you will be explained how it all has to be done. You can also buy the package for home use from this specialist. A home package containing 8 packs of plasters (enough for a month) costs 189.00 euros. Do you want to know where there is a salon near you with the plasters? Check the addresses on the Quanis Dermafiller website.

PS: did you know that Anti-Aging Secret regularly writes about anti-aging methods? See the ‘anti-aging’ section for articles about real working creams, botox, fillers, laser treatments and related topics!

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