prepare your skin well before the sun – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

prepare your skin well before the sun – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

We all want to tan but how to take color without the risk of aggravating our problems with pigment spots. We are indeed not all equal in the face of the sun.

A person with problems with pigment spots will have to protect themselves all their life because if we have succeeded in treating the spots, we will not be able to treat their predisposition to stain. However, to limit the damage, you must know how to respect a few rules:

– Avoid depilation with too hot wax which causes irritation. This can turn into a stain when exposed to the sun.

– Avoid all photo-sensitizing products: perfumes for example. Pay attention to the neck and décolleté and to men’s eau de toilette that they apply to the torso before walking in the sun. Certain drugs can also be photosensitizing.

– Avoid the application of certain irritating topical products.

– Avoid excessively frequent hammams and the use of carrot oil, lemon juice and especially excessive friction when exfoliating with a glove or soap.

What is the right behavior to follow?

– Use and abuse of antioxidants that will act as a real skin shield in local application, for example Diode 1 and 2 Alchimie Forever based on green tea, Serum Phloretin Skinceuticals, Flavo C Auriga, Vino Perfect by Caudalie…

– Use an anti-UBA and UVB sun protection cream with a high protection factor that you will superimpose on your day care product. Apply on sunny days to the face and hands.

– Always have a sunscreen stick (La Roche Posay, Avene, etc.) in your bag that you will use during the day. To be applied with your make-up on the most sensitive areas when you are in the sun on a café terrace, for example. The application of any sunscreen product must be renewed every two hours.

And finally use antioxidant food supplements that help fight against free radicals.

What to do before exposing yourself to the sun?

Unfortunately, no one has yet developed a “program” before the sun, but for those who want to safely obtain a tan that will give you a healthy glow, here are our tips.

Skin tanned by UV does not necessarily mean protected skin. UV sessions do not produce melanin, which will increase the skin barrier. Gradual exposure to “real” sunlight will trigger melanin production and thicken your skin.

the scrub before exposure can be interesting provided you do not reduce the layers of the epidermis too much. You can with a scrub, see a light peeling, get rid of all the dead cells that will prevent you from obtaining smooth skin. You have to do it gently and not attack your epidermal barrier, which is essential for your protection.

The self tanners bring you a tanned complexion but as UV does not reinforce your protection against ultraviolet rays. Even if you have the impression of being tanned, you will still need to use sun protection cream.

The food supplements play the same role as UV sessions or self-tanners, sometimes with a better hydration of the skin. The supplements will bring you a tan effect and especially prolong your coloring. They do not produce melanin. You can also absorb in your food more carotene than you will find in carrots but also parsley, melon, tomato, mangoes. You will get more vitamin A with antioxidant properties.

At last, hydrate your skin before, during and after exposure. You can use most sunscreens that provide you with this hydration and some food supplements.


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