Prep Pad, a nutritionist in the kitchen

Prep Pad is a kitchen board-like scale that helps us monitoring our diet.

A nutritionist at health home

Prep Pad is a smart health connected scale in bluetooth to one iPad and / or iPhone. With its sleek design and worktop appearance, it blends very well in a modern kitchen and stores easily. She acts like a real nutritionist. Thanks to his Countertop application (work plan), we can create balanced menus with over 300,000 ingredients. Prep Pad measures to the gram of food.

PrepPad "width =" 621 "height =" 349 "srcset =" 1024w, https: //www.ABSMARTHEALTH. net / wp-content / uploads / 2014/12 / PrepPad-300x168.png 300w, https://www.ABsmarthealth/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/PrepPad.png 1275w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 621px) 100vw, 621px" src = "" /><noscript><img class=In harmony with its application, it monitoring our contributions in calories, protein, fatty acids etc. and helps us to rebalance our meals based on our meals in the same way as a regular diet. The app helps us set a goal and to keep control. She keeps a photo of all our dishes and posters by month and by week.

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In association with the bracelet Jawbone Up, Prep Pad helps us stay motivated and offers a variety of recipes for eating after exercise.

Jawbone Up

Remains an object

Prep Pad is a Kickstarter project by The Orange Chef Company which has not had much difficulty in attracting investors.

Today's society is obsessed with everything that comes close to nutrition and well-being, companies have understood this and are constantly releasing new objects monitoring our diet, our physical activity, etc., but no changes, even slight. has been observed.

The race for a perfect diet is turning into an obsession and companies are competing in imagination to offer the best device, but the motivation to eat properly and exercise cannot come only from a machine without soul or conscience.

Far from denigrating these devices, I think they are an asset for weight loss and recovery, but they are only accessories. A truly professional follow-up, from human to human seems essential to me.

source: TheOrangeChef


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