Pollution by electromagnetic fields, health and aging

Pollution by electromagnetic fields, health and aging

Article updated on 20/07/2019

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What is an electromagnetic emission?

As soon as an electric current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is emitted, much like a radio transmission antenna works. This field rapidly decreases in intensity as one moves away from its source of emission.

Certain fields exist naturally, for example: those of the terrestrial magnetic poles, circulations of watercourses, ore deposits, etc… but for more than a century, man has caused the formation of many magnetic fields more or less less harmful to your health: large electrical transformers, high voltage lines, radio waves, household appliances, and now, much more present in our lives: wifi, mobile telephony, 4G, 5G, bluetooth, computer screens, etc…

Today, exposure to electromagnetic waves produced artificially by man is far greater than exposure to natural waves. Depending on their frequency, this radiation has different actions and properties on the human body and on health. Some are ionizing, some easily penetrate the tissues of the body, others not…

Electrical activity is everywhere in our body

Electrical signals are present throughout our body. It is possible to measure them: electro-cardiogram, electromyogram, electro-encephalogram… and pils participate in the functioning of organs such as the heart, the brain, the nerves and the muscles…

In fact, electric micro-currents are also present in each of our cells, and therefore in all our organs. Thus life is intimately linked to electrical activity. Without it, no vital functions, no salvation.

Effects of electromagnetic fields on health

Certain effects and supposed effects on the human body

It is known that electromagnetic fields, depending on their power, are capable of modifying nearby electrical activities. Thus, a sufficiently strong field can influence the electrical functioning of body cells and their functions.

In 1970, the first American studies showed the impact on the health of people living near high voltage lineswho were more affected by certain illnesses (headaches, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, etc.).

A Californian university team on 28,745 children showed that those who were exposed to electromagnetic waves emitted by the cellphone during pregnancy and after birth, are more likely to develop a behavioral disorder (up to 50% more).

In fact, there are effects on humans that are completely accepted by science:

  • from strong magnetic fields can be the cause ofsensory effects (nausea, dizziness, etc.) or even modify theelectrocardiogram
  • The fields of very high frequency (radio frequencies) have been particularly studied in recent years and very present around us: radio, TV, wifi, mobile telephony, microwave ovens, etc. They are capable (among other things) of heating up tissues. We know this well when we phone for a long time with a cell phone glued to our ears.
  • at lower frequencies, they can cause induced electric currents stimulants especially very receptive tissues such as nerves, brain, muscles… Some people are more sensitive than others (electrosensitive).
  • a magnetic field around 20 Hz to 50 Hz, and sufficiently powerful, can cause visual disturbances (bright spots called magnetophosphenes).

We wonder and we still debate about other effects such as:

  • the induction of cancers,
  • disruption of enzymatic or even hormonal systems,
  • mood disturbances,
  • the modification of the permeability of the membranes of our cells…

There are convinced scientists but also polemical debates.

Still, in 2002, the International Agency for Research against Cancer (IARC) classified the very low frequency waves as carcinogens (transformers, high voltage lines, railways, etc.).

Electromagnetic waves can kill

The environmental and occupational health and safety agency (Afsset) was able to define a correlation between habitats close to high-voltage lines (and other electrical transformers) and leukemias infantile.

An ANSES expert report in 2013 on exposure to radio frequencies noted that many studies did not show many truly dangerous effects on the body, and that few studies revealed health effects (sleep or genotoxicity for example). However, health institutions considered that studies on the effects of prolonged exposure (and in particular long-term) were still necessary.

Note that the IARC ranked the radio frequencies possible carcinogens in humans (higher risk of brain tumors (gliomas). He also notes that more research needs to be done on long-term intensive cell phone use.

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves?

First of all by choosing his place of residence far from known sources of electromagnetic radiation. That is to say, avoid living next to an electrical transformer, or under a high voltage line, or next to a transmission antenna for radio or telephony.

Electric field measurements

There are devices (some are even accessible to the general public) to measure electric and magnetic fields. Precision devices are quite expensive, but there are even free applications for smartphones (see for example ElectroSmart and EMF-Detector). Agencies are responsible for diagnosing and measuring the exposure of homes.

The Official Guide of the EEC gives a threshold of danger starting from 5 kiloVolts/meter in electric field and 1 Gauss for the magnetic field. In general, it is not reached in standard urban living areas and even less so in the countryside. However, it may be different in certain areas near intense electrical activity.

According to some biologists, the risk would appear for much lower values. It has been said that doses 1000 times lower would be enough to deteriorate our health.

uncomfortable screen Electromagnetic protection

Without going to try to take complicated measures, it consists above all in avoiding staying for a long time in places disturbed by electromagnetic waves, for example near:
– a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a television, an electrical appliance,
– transmitting antennas, mobile or portable telephones,
– computer screens (especially cathodic).

Take care to connect to earth all electrical appliances. Avoid leaving appliances in day before permed. In addition, you will save electrical energy and you will be good for the planet.

The importance of the bedroom

Given the time spent in our bed and the importance of sleep for our health, it is essential to avoid electromagnetic radiation in our bedroom as much as possible. By increasing the oxidation phenomena for hours (see ANSES report), and by disturbing our sleep, and therefore our hormonal production, they accelerate our aging.

Here are some basic tips for where you sleep:

– avoid them electrical appliances in the room and even behind the partitions which are close to the bed,
– make sure that the bedside lamps extinguish well by cutting the phase and not the neutral, otherwise the bulbs and even the electrical wires continue to emit waves, even when switched off,
– turn off your telephones if they are in the same room,
– ban them extension cordss near the headboard,
– ban them electric alarm clocks and radios bedside wifi,
– avoid sleeping near large metal masses (cars, boilers, etc.),
– there are protective paints graphite and protective films for windows,
– there are also kinds of mosquito nets impregnated with silver salts capable of stopping almost all ambient radiation.

What you must remember

Without going into the controversy over the possible effects of electromagnetic fields on humans, it is obvious that these have effects on health. It is not by chance that protective measures against waves are provided for by law with a definition of authorized or tolerated threshold levels. It is not by chance either that the hands-free telephone kit is highly recommended.

Of course, it’s all about the dose. In a world where everything becomes controlled or transmitted by waves that circulate everywhere and permanently, logic dictates that we try as much as possible to limit this exposure in order to stay at the lowest possible levels.

There are simple gestures that will help, such as turning off your phone at night, avoiding staying long in areas of intense radiation (antennas, transformers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, high voltage, etc.).

It’s all about thinking about it and staying aware of it, especially when you’re looking to stay in shape for a long time and slow down your aging.


– here are many studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields
interview with Professor Belpomme oncologist, denouncing the dangers of electromagnetic radiation

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