Do you already know the Plexr treatment? This is a new method to lift your eyes without using a knife. An interesting piece of news for readers considering an eye lift! Curious? Then quickly read the blog of cosmetic doctor Marguerite van Randwijck.

Elegant eye lift without cutting with the PLEXR®

Applying eyeliner is less and less successful. Recognizable? As you get older, your eyelids become heavier, thinner and have more and more fine wrinkles. Easy to apply your eyeliner is no longer possible, first help everything with pulling it tight. Well, ten years ago it all looked just a little “fresher”, but actually you are not ready for such a surgical eyelid correction. So is there a safe and subtle alternative? Preferably without scars? We have come over from London to the Netherlands and now we have the PLEXR® Soft Surgery for this. With the PLEXR®, these drooping eyelids can simply be pulled “tighter”.

How does a PLEXR® treatment work? Lightning from a pen

The PLEXR treatment works like a laser pointer with plasma where a very small “lightning flash” is created when the skin is just not touched.

During treatment, gases in the air are ionized, creating a small electrical current. The method only works on the superficial skin cells, without affecting the deep underlying cells. And this prevents scarring!

The PLEXR® treatment

Before the treatment, we first numb the skin with an anesthetic (EMLA) cream.

This should take about 45 minutes to withdraw. Then, with the “PLEXR® pen” we put a few tiny dots on the skin where we want to create tightening. Thanks to the EMLA cream, the treatment is well tolerated. On average, the treatment lasts 30 minutes. There will be some swelling within a few minutes after the treatment. The swelling is most visible the next day. The small dots then become scabs, which will fall off after a few days (3-4). After 5 days everything is ‘back to normal’ but this “young” skin still needs to be protected with a high sun factor for a few more weeks. Usually 1 treatment is sufficient, sometimes we do a 2nd treatment after 6 weeks to create some more tightening and lift.

In fact, much more can be treated with PLEXR®!

We can treat not only the fine wrinkles around the eyes and drooping eyelids, but also around the mouth (smoker’s lines) very nicely. In addition, we can tackle neck lines, crackle skin (cleavage), pigmentation spots and acne scars. How nice is that! If you are interested after reading this piece and you wonder if you qualify for PLEXR treatment, book a (free) consultation for more information with one of our doctors from DOCTORS AT SOAP.

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