Please no Gua Sha on the neck – Anti-Aging

Please no Gua Sha on the neck – Anti-Aging

There have been a multitude of videos on YouTube and other websites recently demonstrating the use of jade gua sha. This follows from the beauty industry’s recent discovery of ancient jade rollers and other crystal rollers.

Unfortunately, not all of the information in these videos is very accurate. While these crystal products are very harmless compared to most mainstream beauty practices, there are still some things that are best avoided.

One trend we’ve noticed recently is the use of Crystal Gua Sha on the neck. This practice introduces risk into an otherwise extremely safe and beneficial treatment.

The throat, as we all know, is an extremely delicate and delicate area. It contains the trachea and carotid artery, among numerous other structures.

In traditional practice, Gua Sha is used with much more force than a jade roller. It is used to stimulate problem areas both therapeutically on the back and cosmetically on the face. Traditional treatment, which may include cosmetic acupuncture, is usually ranked with the least invasive treatment first and the most invasive last. In this case it would be the Jade Roller, Gua Sha. cosmetic cupping and then acupuncture.

This stronger stimulation can cause problems when used on the front part of the neck. Stroking the trachea can be very uncomfortable for many people. More importantly, applying intense pressure to the carotid artery area can temporarily impair blood flow to the brain, causing people to feel weak at best.

Interestingly, many of the videos that show gua sha being used on the neck also show it being used in a downward direction. This goes against all traditional principles at first, as the traditional Asian view of cosmetic treatments says that they should always flow upwards and outwards to lift and stretch the skin.

More importantly, however, is the fact that they are actually pushing down forcefully against the main artery of the neck and thus blood flow to the brain. This is really not recommended.

In traditional treatments, the Jade Gua Sha is gently applied to the back of the neck towards the end of the treatment. After the stronger stimulation on the face, the Gua Sha is stroked over several acupuncture points over the ear. It is then passed down behind the ear and down the back and side of the neck over the large muscles in that area.

This is done to drain lymphatic fluid from the face to reduce swelling and complete the treatment.

The Gua Sha massage never takes place on the front of the neck.

Our best advice is that if you see videos recommending this practice, you are not really familiar with the treatments and their advice and techniques should be avoided.

All Anti-Aging instructions were designed by the founders who together have studied in the ancient therapeutic and cosmetic practices of the Far East for over 10 years.

Anti-Aging offers ongoing advice and support to those interested in learning more about these ancient cosmetic practices.

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