Microblading is a way to apply permanent eyebrows. Carien van der Wal recently underwent this treatment and shares her experience with microblading at Anti-Aging Secret. You can also see before and after photos of her microblading treatment. Read on for all the ins and outs!

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Beautiful full eyebrows? We all secretly want that, right? At least I do 😉 Unfortunately, mother nature has not generously endowed me with thick eyebrows. But with the new Microblading technique, full eyebrows are now also within reach. On a Friday in January, a friend brought me to the practice of Jacqueline Hoornweg, one of the experts in the Netherlands when it comes to microblading.

Carien’s eyebrows for the microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading doesn’t mean much to me yet. That is why I ask Jacqueline for text and explanation. Jacqueline: “Microblading is a technique with semi-permanent make-up. Over time, the pigment fades. The result can be kept for about 1.5 years. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, the pigment will fade faster. Microblading is suitable for almost everyone. I only advise against the treatment if you are pregnant or diabetic. A microblading treatment costs 350 euros including the after-treatment within 6 weeks”. Well, that seems like something to me. I decide to do it.

My experience with Microblading

Before Jacqueline starts the treatment, she explains what she is going to do. And reassures me when I ask in a trembling voice ‘does it hurt’? Because to be honest, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve put it off for a long time but now I’m ready. However?

Jacqueline laughs. Only the first injections hurt, she promises. “At the same time, I’m applying numbing cream so it’ll be fine.”

First, the position, color and shape of my eyebrows are meticulously mapped out. Jacqueline uses a special app on her phone for this. Only when she is completely satisfied does she draw the new contours on my skin. The preparation: measuring, looking and drawing takes the most time. In between, she tops my cup with fine herbal tea. And I think how nice it will be if I can retire my eyebrow pencil and wake up every morning with beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading eyebrows

Microblading is a ‘hair stroke’ technique. With a manual pen (with a row of ultra-fine sterile needles) Jacqueline applies semi-permanent hairs in the epidermis. She puts all kinds of small ‘strokes’ that imitate real eyebrow hairs. The pigment, which has a softer appearance than ink, is applied under the skin in a sweeping and fluid motion. The hairs (< 1 millimeter) are 'drawn' one by one (in the direction of hair growth). An extremely accurate job, the first treatment takes about 3 hours. I go back six weeks after the first treatment for a second treatment, to add a hair here and there and to dot the 'i'. The pain is great. Both treatments last approximately 3 hours, so there is no question of a rush job.

microblading eyebrows

Left is before the microblading and right after it

After treatment

After the treatment I am given an ointment (beeswax), which I promptly lose. Fortunately, I can also use Vaseline. The first days I faithfully dab my eyebrows every hour with a damp cotton ball and then smear them with Vaseline. This prevents scabs on my eyebrows. Fortunately, I washed my hair prior to both treatments, because the first week you should not get your forehead wet. Using a hand shower is of course an excellent alternative. I am also not allowed to use make-up on the skin around my eyebrows.
The results are impressive. Beautiful full eyebrows in a color that matches my skin. In short, I am more than satisfied!


Carien van der Wal

microblading eyebrows

the end result after the microblading

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