Pausylia, Therme di Donn’Anna, Naples, Italy

Pausylia, Therme di Donn’Anna, Naples, Italy

Thermal spa with view of Vesuvius


Pausilya derives from the Greek name Pausilypon which means “the end of pain” or “the place where one finds health”. A Spa, a haven of well-being along the bay of Posillipo, the most residential area of ​​the city. A breathtaking panorama, always the same for thousands of years, an extraordinary view facing Vesuvius.

The Pausilya

The Jet Set of ancient Rome owned Villas all along this coast….for the pleasure of their spa holidays, to regain good health and keep in shape.

The Pausilya inspires well-being and meditation, this magical place is represented by a logo that subtly draws two intertwining curves: sea water and spring water. Because it is in this unique place in Naples that spring water meets which springs from the subterranean depths of the hill and the water of the welcoming sea which extends to the gaze to infinity.

For nature lovers and romantics, it is the ideal place to walk along a fine sandy beach and see the Donn’Anna Palace standing just opposite the Pausilya, hence its name. “Therme di Donn’Anna”. A journey to the origins leads us to the history of the Palace built in 1642. Legend has it that Donn’Anna was an insatiable woman and for fear of getting bored, a parade of lovers like passing sailors embellished her nights. Once her pleasure had been consumed, to safeguard her reputation, Donn’Anna Carafa got rid of it without any feeling of guilt…


In the basements of Pausilya, thanks to its charming owner, you will have access to a tunnel from which the thermal water comes directly from one of the still active underground springs, volcanic calderas that have been ubiquitous since antiquity, the most famous being those of the Phlegrean Fields located a stone’s throw away. in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, birthplace of Sofia Loren. Fangaia is also collected there, a mud of volcanic origin which is used for therapeutic purposes or sold as cosmetics of hydrothermal origin.

You will rediscover the benefi ts of thermal water and mud if you choose the 80-minute “Ritual dei Fangi” treatment which includes a steam bath and a thermal water shower, a sea salt exfoliation, a mud wrap and an almond oil massage.

From a dermatological point of view, thermal waters and muds provide a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and sedative action. Many diseases like dermatitis, seborrhea, psoriasis can be relieved. The sulfur, magnesium and calcium contained in spring water also improve muscle contractions.


For those looking for medical aesthetic care, know that the Pausilya has many machines including one V-Form by Viora for skin regeneration based on bipolar/multipolar radiofrequency, a Mantis dermo-massage unit which regenerates connective tissues through pulsed magnetic fields, a cavitation machine to destroy fat cells. All these procedures can be accompanied by more traditional treatments such as permanent hair removal, exfoliating and anti-cellulite massages.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the 2-hour wellness path that will allow you to use two whirlpool baths heated to 32 and 34° respectively, a Roman well, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath and emotional showers with chromotherapy. The ultimate, a terrace facing the sea where you can enjoy fresh fruit served with herbal tea, all immersed in your hydromassage baths.


Posillipo Bay

On the horizon the island of Ischia takes shape. Do not hesitate to take a shuttle which will take you to the island whose baths date from the 8th century BC The green island, named for its rich vegetation, is also a volcanic island where the Regina Isabella Resort and Spa which bears the name of Queen Isabella of Bourbon who traveled there for her spa treatments. This corner of paradise was founded in 1953 by the famous publisher and film producer Angelo Rizzoli and has 4 swimming pools including 2 thermal ones, mud baths and massage rooms. The Indaco restaurant is a starred restaurant based on local cuisine.


Unique luxurious 5 star hotel on the island, the Regina Isabella, symbol of the Dolce Vita has been complicit in the romances, romances and escapades of stars and divas from Liz Taylor and Richard Burton to Maria Callas, who was secretly waiting for Onassis on the beach.

The very pleasant access to this alcove can also be done by a private jetty. This 5-star establishment also has thermal springs with a temperature of 56 and 77°C which have “bio-active” properties and mud collected in the quarries of the island allowing many medical and aesthetic treatments.

This synergy between thermal tradition and medical-scientific analysis has led to the creation of a “Medical Prevention and Health Care”.

Take the time to discover Ischia which is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, an extension of the Phlegraean Fields which broke away from the mainland millions of years ago. With many activities from the magma including places where sea water is heated by underwater volcanic fumes, a natural “Jacuzzi”!

And for entertainment, “the fumarole” where you can steam your fresh fish at 350° under the hot sand. Guaranteed sensation… Everything to regenerate!


We say “see Naples and die”, everything is passion and improvisation, everything is beauty and voluptuousness, in this city founded by Partenope, siren of Greek mythology since she landed on a rock on its seductive shores.

Two cultural and tourist days are a must: for the curious and sporty a beautiful hike to Vesuvius, a dormant volcano at 1281 meters stimulating for “Hiking”, for those thirsty for culture, art and history the mysterious city of Pompeii, witness to the prosperity of the Roman people but buried in 79 AC The sunset will bring you to taste at Brandi the Margherita pizza composed of delicious ingredients: Tomato, mozzarella and basil, made in Italy. In honor of Queen Margaret of Savoy for her first stay in Naples.

Addresses: Pausylia, Therme di Donn’Anna – Via Posillipo, 19, 80123 Naples, Italy. Email: – Phone: +39 081 575 3578 –

Hotel Regina Isabella – Piazza Santa Restituta, 1, 80076 Lacco Ameno – Ischia. – Phone: +39081 994 322

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