Our selection of injectables – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Our selection of injectables – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine


EMERVEL®, a new generation hyaluronic acid

For several years, Galderma (international pharmaceutical laboratory, world leader in Dermatology) has opened up to Aesthetics. Galderma thus puts its expertise at the service of French beauty, an aesthetic approach that respects everyone’s physique and personality. Each type of beauty is not only original but even more personal, intimate. Beauty resides essentially in the expressions of the face, in the smile, the look, even the behavior. The French vision of beauty thus incorporates the dimension of movement and respect for expressions. It is in this spirit that Galderma has developed Emervel®, a new generation hyaluronic acid which is unlike any other and which allows a tailor-made treatment.


MODELIS SHAPE (hyaluronic acid)

Modélis Shape is a new volumizer based on so-called hybrid technology (Hybrid Plastic Matrix). This technology makes it possible to treat volumes with a high density, very malleable, all in a single gel. It is well suited for “Shaping” for the face, ie it is able to completely reshape parts requiring large volumes of fillers such as the cheekbones or the cheeks for example. Modélis Shape has just been introduced on the French market.


Restylane Vital with lidocaine

The products in the Restylane Vital™ range are injectable products composed of micronized beads of NASHA™ hyaluronic acid gel. By integrating perfectly into the tissues, Restylane Vital products act on the skin’s water balance by managing flows, ie by capturing or redistributing water according to the skin’s hydration needs. Restylane Vital at a concentration of 20 mg/ml is designed to meet the needs of mature skin showing signs of photoaging. This formulation can also be integrated into skin regeneration protocols at the body level: hands, arms, thighs, knees, etc.

Restylane Vital Light at a concentration of 12 mg/ml is intended for younger skin, in a preventive context in particular, for whom a more fluid gel will better correspond to their physiology. This formulation will also be used as part of a rejuvenation treatment for fine and delicate areas such as the neck and décolleté.

Use of lidocaine: Although injection treatments are not considered to be really painful, a real feeling of discomfort can be felt and vary in intensity from person to person and even from day to day. . The low concentration of 0.3% lidocaine in the products of the Restylane Vital range does not affect the efficacy, safety or durability of the treatment. On the other hand, the anesthetic properties of lidocaine act quickly and make it possible to significantly reduce the discomfort induced by repeated and close punctures.


SCULPTRA (L-polylactic acid)

Sculptra is a volumizing injectable implant containing microparticles of L-polylactic acid, a synthetic, biocompatible and biodegradable polymer from the alpha-hydrox-acid family. The use of Sculptra is indicated for the increase in volume of depressed areas, in particular the correction of cutaneous depressions such as fine lines, wrinkles, furrows and scars, which may be linked to aging of the skin.


BOCOUTURE (Pure Botulinum Toxin Type A)

BOCOUTURE®, the first botulinum toxin type A without complexing proteins intended for the correction of wrinkles, obtained its Marketing Authorization on September 15, 2010 in France. Through the development of a proprietary purification and manufacturing process, Merz Pharma was the first to isolate the pure neurotoxin. Marketed since 2005 for indications in neurology, this latest-generation botulinum toxin has demonstrated its efficacy and safety in clinical use in more than 100,000 patients. This new injectable drug is indicated for the temporary correction of moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles observed during frowning in adults under 65, when the severity of these wrinkles has a significant psychological impact on the patient. According to the results of clinical studies, BOCOUTURE® ensures a targeted result, generally visible in two to three days and with an effectiveness that can persist for up to four months. BOCOUTURE® acts by blocking nerve stimulation in the injected muscles, thus preventing their contraction. The result is temporary and reversible relaxation of the frontal muscles responsible for glabellar lines. Unlike other type A botulinum toxins, BOCOUTURE® contains only pure neurotoxin. “BOCOUTURE® combines the performance, good tolerance and stability of a highly purified product, a new generation of neuromodulator”, says Dr. Jürgen FREVERT, MD Potsdam Germany, inventor of BOCOUTURE®.

BOCOUTURE® is stable at room temperature (≤ 25°C) before opening. Thanks to this stability, BOCOUTURE® can be transported and stored without cold chain constraints. Before reconstitution, BOCOUTURE® can be stored for up to 3 years at room temperature. This stability at room temperature makes its use simplified and particularly suitable for clinical practice.


STYLAGE®HYDROmax (hyaluronic acid)

Baptized “STYLAGE®HYDROmax”, it is a revitalization process complementary to the filling of wrinkles: it consists of a method that is both gentle and stimulating of mesotherapy, which reconciles weakly cross-linked HA and optimal hydration. Active prevention of skin aging for the youngest skin: Hydromax prevents the onset of wrinkles and protects areas sensitive to facial expressions. Tonicity found for the more marked skins or suffering from cutaneous dryness: Hydromax working on the quality of the skin, restructures the damaged zones.


JUVEDERM HYDRATE (hyaluronic acid)

Juvéderm HYDRATE injections contain hyaluronic acid and mannitol (13.5mg/g), an antioxidant molecule. Juvéderm HYDRATE allows physicians to offer their patients improved skin hydration. For Robin Sears, Vice President and COO of Allergan Medical EMEA: “Juvéderm HYDRATE makes the skin softer and more luminous. It is a perfect complement to other anti-aging treatments”. Juvéderm HYDRATE obtained European CE marking in December 2009. Clinical studies have proven that Juvéderm HYDRATE provides hydration to the areas of the face, neck and décolleté and preserves their apparent youth.


XHA3 (hyaluronic acid)

XHA3 is a versatile multi-zone filler. Filling implant based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid intended for the filling of medium and deep wrinkles, the remodeling of the cheekbones to redraw the contours of the face and the youthful appearance of the lips by correction of pre-oral wrinkles, the redefinition of contours and the increase in volume.


Glytone 4 (hyaluronic acid)

Glytone 4 is an injectable filler combining free hyaluronic acid and cross-linked hyaluronic acid for the restoration of small volumes. Meeting the safety requirements of the Glytone charter, the Glytone 4 filler has also demonstrated its good skin tolerance. Nasolabial folds: average improvement of 1.66 (scale in 6 grades) for an injected quantity of 1.38 ml on all 2 folds. Bitter wrinkles: Average improvement of 1.17 (scale in 7 grades) for an average injected quantity of 0.97 ml on both wrinkles. Jugal wrinkles: average improvement of 1.86 (scale of 5 grades) for an average quantity injected of 0.74 ml on all of the two wrinkles. The Glytone range exists in 2, 3 and 4.


TEOSYAL PURESENSE (hyaluronic acid)

It is the combination of the effectiveness of TEOSYAL hyaluronic acid and lidocaine known for its anesthetic properties. TEOSYAL PureSense significantly reduces pain during and after injection and provides optimal comfort to injected patients.

Top 3 the best anti-aging supplements

Alive By Science

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Tru Niagen

Age is Just a Number with Tru Niagen®

Tru Niagen is nicotinamide riboside , a unique type of vitamin B3. Niagen is a NAD+ precursor that acts as a building block for the production of NAD+ in your body. This is significant because NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for cellular health; yet, NAD+ levels fall with aging and other physiological stressors including poor food, alcohol, lack of sleep, or too little or too much activity. Tru Niagen has been clinically demonstrated to aid in the increase of NAD+ in the body. Niagen is the first and only patented and FDA-approved nicotinamide riboside product.

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Life Extension GEROPROTECT® Stem Cell

GeroProtect maintains the stem cell balance for optimum cell health, and longevity. Stem cells help rejuvenate your body by transforming into tissue-specific cells. This anti aging formula uses piceatannol from passion fruit, trans-resveratrol and garcinol from kokum fruit.

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