Nuface Trinity: a natural facelift?

Nuface Trinity: a natural facelift?

Do you already know the NuFace Trinity? This is a fun device that helps you fight wrinkles, dull complexion and other beauty conditions. I have recently become the happy owner of this beauty tool and I am quite impressed. Read on quickly for my findings and striking ‘before and after photos’.

What is the NuFace Trinity?

The Nuface is a beauty tool for home use. A big hit among the stars in the US for years and finally available in our little country since last year. It consists of a basic device to which you can connect different modules: a Toning device (to train the facial muscles) and the Wrinkle reducer (with which you can blur lines). See below for more information about both modules.

Toning device

The Toning device works on the basis of microcurrent. Hhhhmmmm….., microcurrent, I hear you thinking? This is a weak current that mimics your body’s natural current. The NuFace sends small, soft waves of current through the skin and fat layer (you don’t feel anything by the way) to train your facial muscles. Actually a kind of fitness for your face! Furthermore, the microcurrent stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. All this translates into a firmer facial contour, a more beautiful complexion and a reduction of wrinkles. Sounds good right?

Wrinkle reducer

photo of nuface ledThen the Wrinkle reducer. This component (proven) naturally reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A precise combination of red, orange and infrared light penetrates the dermis, the skin layer responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Well, that also sounds like music to your ears!

Vlog about the NuFace Trinity

And how nice is it that the importer JC Imp allows me to try out both modules! I made a vlog of this, so you can see how it all works. Click on the image below for this. Ps the story (with striking before and after photos!) continues under the video ;-).

Before and after photos

Good, now you have a little idea how the device works. Not very complicated, right (except to keep up with the beeps, but that’s just me, haha!)? After making the video I went looking for screenshots of before and after the treatment, because I am of course very curious if it really does something for you. Now I have found some images and think the pictures speak for themselves. What do you think?


I can see the difference especially on my forehead and around the corners of my mouth things have also been refurbished and tightened (yes, zoom in ;-)). And my complexion is also a lot more even and healthier. Wow, actually quite impressive! It looks like I’ve had a mini facelift, right? To be clear: the photos were taken right after each other and of course without any make-up or editing. In short, an ideal device to upgrade your looks in no time!

Do you want more information about this device? Check out the NuFace website.

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