Nuance Healthcare and Microsoft partner


This alliance should "accelerate the arrival of ambient clinical intelligence (ICA) technologies that will equip the exam room of the future in which the medical documentation will write itself".

Working in tandem with DPI (Computerized Patient Records) and after collecting the patient's consent, "the ICA will synthesize conversations during the consultation, integrate this data with contextual DPI information, and automatically populate the patient's medical record. in the system, "explained the two companies.

Concretely, to develop this ACI, the Nuance-Microsoft partnership brings together the technologies of the two companies.

For example, Nuance provides technologies for voice recognition optimized for the medical industry, such as the Dragon Medical platform – already used by more than 500,000 practitioners worldwide – highly advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to enable Ambient clinical documentation as well as diagnostic assistance; voice biometry; and specialized computer equipment for ambient perception.

Microsoft offers Azure AI, Azure AI, and the Project Empower® Intelligent Writing Service using advanced conversational AI and natural language understanding.

The two companies will build on the success that Nuance has already achieved with ACI, and plan to introduce this technology to several medical specialties from the beginning of 2020 in the United States. The partnership agreement also provides for the migration of most of the on-premise internal infrastructure and products hosted by Nuance on Microsoft Azure.


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