Do you already use a care product with Niacinamide? Niaci-what??? I’m going to explain to you. This is a substance that is not only effective against dehydrated skin and wrinkles, but also against inflammation and spots. So read on quickly for all the ins and outs!

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3. In your body it is used for good digestion, the nervous system and brain function. But this fabric also shows great performance on the skin. For example, it can be used in the fight against skin aging. Niacinamide cream is now labeled as a real ‘must have’ for your daily skin care.

Benefits Niacinamide Cream

You are probably curious about the benefits of this active ingredient. See below how it can all help.

Collagen production

Niacinamide promotes collagen production. And that’s great, because collagen is the cement of your skin. With enough collagen, your skin stays nice and firm and it takes longer before wrinkles and sagging occur. Look, that’s reason enough for me to embrace this fabric.

Skin repair

This vitamin supports the functioning of the skin barrier. This makes it better able to repair itself, for example in the event of sun damage. Which is great, because healthy skin is a great weapon in the fight against skin aging.


Niacinamide also appears to be useful if you suffer from inflammation. This makes it ideal for troubled skin and can also be used against rosacea and acne. Good news, then, for ladies who suffer from this!


The fabric also protects against drying out of the horny skin. It stimulates the production of ceramides, which in turn ensure that the skin does not dry out.


Do you suffer from pigmentation in your face? Niacinamide can also offer a solution for this. It is also effective against the so-called mask of pregnancy aka melasma. The results with Niacinamide turned out to be just as good as with Hydroquinone, which until now was the standard treatment against the mask of pregnancy.

Protection against UV radiation

UV radiation ages your skin, that is now a well-known fact. But how nice is it that Niacinamide can also be of service here. Your skin recovers faster from sun damage if you pamper it with Niacinamide. By now you understand: Niacinamide is your friend!

Dosage Niacinamide Cream

Now you may immediately reach for your own cream to check whether this fine substance is in it. Very good, that’s step 1. However, Niacinamide can only do its good job if there is enough of it. Tests have shown that there must be at least 4 to 5% Niacinamide in a product to have an effect. If there is less in it, your skin cannot make optimal use of the beneficial effect. If a manufacturer does not state a percentage on the packaging, check the position of Niacinamide on the ingredients list. It should at least be in the first third of the list. If this is not the case, then there is simply too little of it and only the wallet of the manufacturer will benefit. Not your shaggy skin.

My Experience with Niacinamide

I haven’t used a product with Niacinamide until recently. Shame on me! I have since improved my life and tested various products with Niacinamide. See the reviews here:

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