Natural anti-aging skin care: integral cosmetics

Natural anti-aging skin care: integral cosmetics

The principles of integral anti-aging cosmetics

3 steps to rejuvenate your skin

The 3-step regeneration principle of integral anti-ageing medicine also applies to cosmetic treatments:

1 – eliminate external toxins and internal toxins (here: skin exfoliations)
2 – to bring all the nutrients needed by the skin cells (from the outside and from the inside)
3 – stimulate functions slowed down with age (for the skin it is mainly hormonal functions and blood micro-circulation).

The two previous articles deal with exfoliation and the treatment of Brown stains related to skin aging (1st time). This article explains the other two times: to feed his skin and stimulate slowed hormonal functions.

Treat every problem related to skin aging

Since there is no one-size-fits-all “rejuvenating” product for facial skin, every skin problem you have that is related to aging must be addressed. Treatments and products will therefore be chosen and associated accordingly.

Most often, this will be to tackle sunspots, dehydration and sagging skin. Thus, it is possible to obtain a result giving an overall younger look to the skin of your face. In fact, the objective is to even out the complexion, rehydrate and firm the skin (of the face and neck but also of the body).

Cosmetic treatments applied over the long term

The results will not be visible in eight days! However, after a month of daily care, the skin cells have had time to regenerate and the improvement is already quite noticeable. The complexion is fresher, the skin begins to become more toned.

The people who get real results with fairly simple creams and skincare are the ones who are diligent and get it right. regularly, over time. They understood that skin needs time to gradually change and improve. They are not looking for a fleeting improvement but for lasting beneficial effects.

Some studies on the effectiveness of exfoliating products (such as vitamin A acid or fruit acids) on skin aging are carried out over more than a year before judging their effects.

Also treat the skin from the inside

The cells of the skin are nourished essentially by the blood circulation thanks to micro-vessels. They eliminate their waste through the venous and lymphatic circulation. So, in the first place, the blood must contain all the nutrients that are useful for them. In the event of a deficiency in vitamins, minerals, etc., the skin loses its tone and radiance.

The veno-lymphatic system must function as well as possible. Otherwise, for example, the eyelids will be puffy or the dark circles dark… The hormonal impregnation must be correct because it very quickly modifies the state of the skin.

Whether it is the appearance of pigment spotsof a lack of hydration orskin glow and even some wrinkles, overall health and the proper functioning of the body in general, are involved. If there are any imbalances, nutrient deficiencies or deficiencies, it will be a good idea to address them to improve the condition of your skin.

What happens on the inside shows on the outside.

scrub mask

Nourish the skin

Local skin care

It is quite possible to provide certain essential nutrients directly to the skin by applying cosmetic products containing them.


The most interesting for the skin are:

vitamin A or retinol : it promotes the renewal of skin cells, the production of collagen and “glycosaminoglycans” (including hyaluronic acid). It regulates the activity of melanocytes (cells producing the brown skin pigment). It is a great classic of anti-aging cosmetic care where it is found in concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 1%.

Vitamin E : it is a great antioxidant that protects the lipids of cell membranes and therefore the vitality of the skin. It is the “youthful” vitamin of the skin.

vitamin C : another major antioxidant fighting against cell ageing. It is necessary for the production of collagen. It also lightens the skin and fights against pigmentary brown spots. In cosmetics, the most active concentration seems to be 5%.

vitamin B5 : it promotes skin repair and the production of collagen and other proteins produced by fibroblasts. It is also anti-inflammatory and soothing for irritated and very dry skin.

Minerals and trace elements

The interesting minerals in the fight against aging and capable of penetrating the skin well are:

magnesium : it improves hydration, soothes irritation and promotes cell renewal.

silicon : it participates in the synthesis of collagen. A priori, it is the organic form of silicon which would be more active. Mineral silica, for its part, has a matte effect on the complexion which reduces skin imperfections. It reduces the greasy feel of creams.

selenium : it is an antioxidant. Studies show that it protects skin cells from sun damage.

Essential fatty acids

The most interesting are omega 3 and GLA (gammalinolenic acid) which are often insufficient in the modern diet. They can be provided by different vegetable oils that are incorporated into creams or applied directly to the skin. skin (avocado, coconut, jojoba, almond, evening primrose, argan, apricot kernels, etc.).Healthy eating

The micro-nutritional balance

Of course, blood circulation is supposed to provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs. For this, our blood must contain these nutrients. However, around thirty nutrients are said to be “essential” and they can only come from our diet.

It is therefore important, to best preserve your skin, to adopt a healthy diet. It will eventually be supplemented with essential nutrients if their levels are still low despite a good diet.

Stimulate skin cells

The cells of the skin are, like all the cells of the body, under neuro-hormonal dependence. The decline in hormones linked to aging from the age of thirty is particularly felt in the skin. This is where it is most visible to those around you: dryness, thinning, spots, loss of elasticity…

Natural cosmetic care

facial skin careLike some nutrients, hormones and some natural hormone boosters can penetrate the skin when added to cosmetic products. Some creams used to contain hormones like estrogen or the progesterone.

Today, their precursor (the DHEA, with little or no side effects) is sometimes incorporated into creams. However, it is not an anti-aging panacea. This will only be really useful in the event of a real lack of DHEA in the body, which will therefore have to be measured.

But it is possible to act more naturally on the hormonal functions linked to the aging of the skin, in particular with plants.

In particular, the essential oils penetrate very well into the skin and have an effect on certain hormonal functions, for example:
clary sage or caraway for estrogen function
basil, cinnamon, rosemary for progesterone function…

Balance the hormonal field in general

Again, it is the blood circulation that normally provides the hormones necessary for the proper functioning of skin cells. To maintain beautiful skin, it will therefore be useful to best preserve its hormonal functions and good micro-circulation in the blood capillaries.

A healthy lifestyle can really improve the hormonal terrain (eg physical activity, sleep, diet, etc.). It is also possible to use natural methods (plants, homeopathy, etc.) to correct hormonal functions that fail with age. Finally, we can use forms of natural hormones: identical to those that our body manufactures (called bio-identical). In this case, a well-experienced doctor can consider their prescription and dosage.

Choose a cream or a serum (oil)?

oil and cream bottlesSerums or oils

The “serums” based on vegetable oils are interesting for the properties specific to each vegetable oil, especially as evening care. They penetrate well into the skin and are less occlusive than some creams. They let the skin “breathe” better during the night.

They may contain essential oils chosen according to each case and fat-soluble vitamins A and E.

Some people prefer to use a daytime serum rather than a cream.

anti-aging creams

These are preparations intended to protect, nourish and moisturize the skin (like any daily care cream), but, in addition, they target the problems of skin aging: loss of elasticity, appearance of fine lines, spots and deposits. pigments… Creams can include all the components you want from those mentioned above.

It will be necessary to choose a more or less greasy, thick or fluid cream, depending on the type of skin. Of course, the nutrients needed to nourish the skin as well as any skin stimulants will be chosen according to the needs of each person, according to their constitution.

Discover your constitution here >

Thus treated, according to the 3 steps seen above, cosmetic care for aging skin takes on a whole new dimension, for effects far superior to standard creams.

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