Last week I was in the Netherlands, a great moment for a thorough maintenance of my skin. I subjected myself to a facial at Soap Treatment Store using Dermalogica Age Smart products. Want to know why your skin is very happy with a facial? Then read on quickly.

Maintenance at the specialist

Your skin is a living organ. In fact, it’s your body’s largest organ and deserves to be pampered on a regular basis. If you are doing well, you use all kinds of beautiful products at home to keep your skin in top condition. But you are not there yet. To achieve really good results, it is wise to have a facial treatment on a regular basis. In fact, you should do this every 6 weeks. The beautician cleans just a little better and deeper than you usually do. After this, the active substances can be absorbed better and you can really take steps in the field of skin improvement.

What is a facial?

A facial is simply the English word for a comprehensive facial. In any case, every facial will start with a good cleaning, sometimes even with a double cleaning. What is discussed further depends on the type of skin and the specific wishes. Usually there will also be exfoliation. The dead skin cells are removed by applying (fruit) acids. The result is a fresh, smooth skin in which care products can do their job better. Nourishing and moisturizing masks and serums are also often part of a facial. PS: Before writing this article I googled the word ‘facial’. And oops… it also seems to be something completely different. Something about an excited male and a protein mask on your face. Well, just so you know, haha!

mummy facial

My facial treatment

Now back to my treatment. Last week I was allowed to lie down in the chair with the nice Charlotte from Soap Treatment Store in Rotterdam. I was really looking forward to it beforehand. Soap has several locations, but everywhere you will be welcomed like a true princess in a beautiful and warm environment. After I was comfortably settled in the treatment chair, Charlotte started the party with a double cleansing of my face. Then it started exfoliating. I was treated with a product of 30% lactic acid, salicy acid, enzymes and peptides. With the aim of improving the skin structure. Then it was time to remove impurities. Look, that pinching and pushing is of course a little less relaxing. But hey, who wants to be beautiful…..

After all the preparatory work, nourishing my skin started with a special mask with vitamins A, C, and E and a serum with antioxidants and algae extract. Specially intended for hydration and blocking of free radicals.

Dermalogica Age Smart

The products I was treated with were all from Dermalogica’s Age Smart line. That is a cosmeceutical brand that I was not really familiar with. The brand has a focus on improving the skin and has adapted products for every skin type. My experience with these Dermalogica products during the treatment was absolutely positive. You really have the feeling that something is happening and you see that reflected in the mirror afterwards. See also the Soap site for buying Dermalogica products and further information.

dermalogica age smart


And then… then it was time for the icing on the cake. Massage time! I’ve been really looking forward to this all week. Charlotte expertly took care of my face first, then my neck and shoulders. Delicious!

After 75 minutes of relaxing I was back on the street completely “zen” with a glowing healthy face. I like! A facial is not only wonderfully relaxing, it is also an important tool to keep your skin in top condition. In short, do yourself a favor and quickly schedule a nice nurturing pampering treatment.

dermalogica products

totally chill after the treatment

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