Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 8,000BTU, The First U-Shaped AC with Open Window Flexibility, Robust Installation,Extreme Quiet, 35% Energy Saving, WiFi,Alexa,Remote, Bracket Included By Innovative smart health home item for gift

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*Extreme Quiet: 9 times quieter than some traditional units*. The U-shape blocks the noise from the cooling system using your window. This design allows for extremely quiet operation as low as 42 dBA - almost as quiet as a library – so you can get a restful night’s sleep or binge your favorite...

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I purchased this via Indiegogo. It arrived in perfect condition, and very well-packaged.Installation was a bit tricky. The quick-installation guide wasn't very useful and skipped over some important points (such as pitching toward the outside for condensate drainage, and placing the support bracket inside window opening and not directly under the window in the track). The instructions in the main manual were much clearer, though some pictures seemed to be in the wrong order. My windows are older vinyl windows with vinyl siding outside, and I had no issues as far as the fit, and the manual seems to cover most issues I could imagine would come up, including storm windows and older wood windows. It seems like installation will be much easier in future seasons, but still a bit more complex than traditional window units. (to be fair, I've installed and removed my previous window units more times than I can count, so I'm far more familiar with that process.)I decided to buy this 10k BTU unit to address two problems with the 5k BTU AC it replaced: too small and too loud. Obviously any properly-sized unit would fix the first issue, but it's the sound that really impressed me with this unit. You can barely hear the compressor at all. I mean AT ALL. You can't even hear it kick on. It's about as loud as a modern refrigerator on low and most of the sound is from the fan, more like a mini-split than a window unit. I also noticed there's no surge when the compressor kicks on, so if you have older wiring and have issues with lights flickering or breakers tripping when the AC kicks on (but your wiring is otherwise safe, of course) this will mostly solve that.As far as efficiency, the unit's auto and eco modes seem to add a lot for efficiency that basic units don't have. On top of that, this is the single most efficient window AC on the market right now according to the energy star website (i checked) so you really can't go wrong here.The only complaint I have is that the closed-window design doesn't allow blinds to be closed all the way. If sunlight coming in on either side is an issue (in a bedroom especially) be prepared to find a solution for that.Overall, I'm very happy with this unit, and it really is an innovative new take on something that hasn't changed much over the years. If you're looking for most of the benefits of a mini-split unit in a window AC package, this is the air conditioner you want to buy.
Pro's:-Great design! The support bracket allows the unit to sit on the it, rather than the window sill, allowing the window to still be opened on a nice day!-'Smart' features! I have this unit connected to 2.4GHz WiFi, using the 'Midea Air' iPhone app, allowing me to control the unit from anywhere, set any temperature, mode, or fan speed (I just leave it in Auto!). I can also set schedules, check energy usage, and it even shows me the indoor/outdoor temperature! I can also control this with Alexa.-QUIET operation. At its lowest temperature setting (60F), with the fan on High, and compressor on Cool, this thing is still whisper quiet.-Swing! This unit has a motorized swing arm that evenly distributes the air, and can be toggled remotely as well.-Night/sleep mode. Even though the display is a nice unobtrusive and clean-looking white, it can be turned off, along with the other indicator lights, for night time.-Screwdriver & level only! No other tools were needed to install this unit. Total time: 10 minutesCon's:-Bracket needed modification: In order to use the support bracket with a porch overhang directly below a window, the support arms need to be turned upside down, and the foot-travel-limit tabs need to be bent to allow for them to rest on the overhang. Minor inconvenience, but no tools required.-Air gaps: There are some small but important air gaps that would allow weather, bugs, and heat into the room. Thankfully Midea included some general purpose adhesive foam to cover them, but it'll need to be re-applied each year (especially between the bracket and AC-side bracket channels).-Foam: The foam blocks provided do a decent job at sealing off most gaps, but cutting might be required. It would be nice if they provided templates, or pre-scored the blocks every 1/4 inch for easy customization.Overall: This unit is whisper quiet, HEAVY, and well-built, with some nice "extra" features. I find myself using the Midea Air app more than the controller, and setting schedules is awesome. I'm glad to see innovation like this come to the mass market, especially from a well-established company. So far, this unit is exceeding my expectations, and with a 15 CEER rating, I'm pleased with it's performance and general efficiency, and I expect a full summer's use of this to cost about 25$ in energy costs. If you want a modern-looking, quiet, 'smart' connected window AC unit, this one is for you!!

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