Afraid that a treatment with botox too noticeable? Cosmetic doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen has a solution for this. Read all about so-called baby botox

fine lines

There is nothing wrong with your daily beauty regime. You use a good day cream with, for example, Hyaluron for hydration and sun protection (SPF) on your lower eyelids. And yet, one day, when you look in the mirror, you suddenly see fine lines around your eyes… Fortunately, you can do something about that now, with Microbotox.

Difference with regular botox

The difference with regular Botox ® is that a lower dose is used with Microbotox. That is why it is also called baby Botox ®. A lower dose of Botox ® in the crow’s feet can already prevent the wrinkles from remaining permanently in your skin. But that can be just enough for people who do not yet have many crow’s feet around the eyes or people for whom it is better for the appearance to use a low dose.

Natural result

Due to the lower dosage, Microbotox has a slightly shorter effect than regular Botox ®, but provides a very natural result! Usually you come back to the clinic after 2-3 months for another treatment. A big advantage of Microbotox is that the deepest wrinkles are reduced during laughter, so that you keep a very beautiful smile and a natural look. If you don’t smile, the skin looks a bit smoother and softer. Microbotox is an ideal first introduction to Botox ® when the lines around the eyes become visible.


The treatment is virtually painless but, as with all medical treatment, there are always risks involved. That is why it is so important to have good information. Note: they are biodegradable materials that we work with. These have disappeared from the body over time.

Make an appointment for a non-binding consultation via www.vanrosmalenkliniek.nl if you want to know more about baby botox aka microbotox

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