MENE&MOY and the Lightening Peel to counter the effects of skin ageing.

MENE&MOY and the Lightening Peel to counter the effects of skin ageing.

Lightening Peel from Mene&Moy laboratories is a superficial peel indicated for the treatment of skin aging and formulated to regulate pigment production.


It is particularly well suited to counter the effects of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, superficial melasmas, post-inflammatory pigmentations and to even out the complexion. It includes 50% glycolic acid, 5% kojic acid and 5% phytic acid. Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of the AHAs, which gives it a high power of penetration of the layers of the skin. It is used in aesthetic dermatology for its many anti-aging properties by causing the exfoliation of dead skin cells by loosening the bonds that hold them together and by increasing the hydration of the epidermis. Kojic acid is extracted from a mushroom from Asia and phytic acid is present in cereals and cocoa. These two active ingredients are recognized for their action on the production of melanin. They have the particularity of regulating tyrosinase (enzyme containing copper, which activates the oxidation of tyrosine to produce melanin).

Exfoliating agents based on fruit acids

The principle of peeling consists of the application of a chemical substance based on fruit acids (alpha-hydroxy-acids or AHA) and BHA (beta-hydroxy-acids) on the skin. These are chemical exfoliating agents derived from natural substances indicated in the elimination of keratinized structures of the epidermis to promote cell renewal and the improvement of skin problems related to skin aging. It is therefore a skin rejuvenation technique which provides women with an effective anti-aging solution and which does not entail any social eviction. It acts on the signs of aging in a progressive and natural way without transforming the shape of the face. Unlike other invasive techniques, it is a decidedly comfortable technique. It can easily be combined with other anti-aging techniques (mesotherapy, laser, injections, lamp etc.).

Skin protocol and preparation

For optimal effectiveness and lasting results, a Lightening Peel protocol includes 4 sessions at 15-day intervals to be done by your dermatologist. This peeling can be carried out in summer by imperatively associating sun protection (Facial Sunscreen SPF 30).

Be careful, skin preparation is an important step if not essential in a peeling protocol. It allows on the one hand to ensure the effectiveness of the peeling by increasing its penetration capacities and on the other hand to preserve its effects over the long term.

Mene&Moy Dynamic Cosmetology treatments have been formulated to provide a framework for medico-aesthetic procedures. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients (in particular stabilized vitamin C and glycolic acid) for optimal effectiveness on the signs of aging. The care products are used 15 days before the first peel to reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum, between peeling sessions and after the protocol to maintain good skin quality. The doctor determines the protocol to follow depending on the indication and the peel chosen. The Mene&Moy Dynamic Cosmetology range is available in pharmacies.

In the case of the Lightening Peel, the protocol to follow at home includes in the morning: Facial Lotion C20, antioxidant and revitalizing emulsion, in the evening: Phytic Cream, cellular stimulation and complexion homogenization cream and a cleanser: Cleanser Sensitive Skin, gentle peeling gel for sensitive skin.

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