MelCap invents a smart health connected capsule that fights obesity


MelCap Systems has developed a smart health connected capsule that specifically addresses the eating disorders that cause obesity. By simulating satiety, it regulates appetite and fights day-to-day obesity.

MelCap tackles a social problem in developed countries. Overweight concerns 1.4 billion people (aged 20 and over) worldwide according to WHO global estimates. From here to 2030, the number of overweight people should reach 3.3 billion.

obesite "width =" 600 "height =" 394 "srcset =" 600w, https: // 2870innovation-1278. 300w, 214w " data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" src = "" /><noscript><img class=In France, 6.5 million people are considered obese (14.5% of the adult population), obesity represents the fifth risk factor for death worldwide, or more than 2.8 million victims each year (ObEpi-Roche). Recently, theWithings Observatory has published its findings on user activity of its activity sensor: the half of his clients are overweight !

melcap-systems-gelule-connectee-obesite "width =" 600 "height =" 343 "srcset =" -connectee-obesite.jpg 600w, 300w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" src = "" /><noscript><img class=Food intake is too important in people who are obese, especially because the feeling of satiety is a feeling that arrives at the brain with delay. For solve this chronic dysfunction which is the cause of obesity, the Israeli startup has developed a capsule stuffed with electronics capable of simulating this sensation in order to shorten the meal.

The company system Melcap Systems is swallowed like a medicine : once in the stomach, the capsule captures the fluids of the digestive system and is correctly positioned in the stomach thanks to a magnet. This medical smart health smart health connected object works with iOS and Android smartphones in order to program the desired meal duration. When the time is up, the capsule MelCap delivers electrical stimulation to the stomach muscles and nerves to send the satiety signal to the brain.

3 weeks shelf life:

The capsule has a shelf life of 21 days, after which time it decays in the stomach and is naturally passed in the stool. The patient can swallow a new capsule and restart a 3 week cycle. It is one of the least restrictive implantable devices that we know of, and also a good complement to the smart health connected capsule. Bodycap, which serves as a smart thermometer.

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