Meizu has just unveiled its LifeKit health platform

On the occasion of the presentation of his M1 smartphone, the Chinese Meizu also unveiled its LifeKit health platform and the smart health connected objects dedicated to it.

A mobile application and a range of dedicated products

Meizu SmartScale

The Meizu Lifekit is a fitness platform for smartphone to which are dedicated the various smart health connected objects of the SmartCare range. Developed in partnership with the Alibaba group and the Haier Germans, the LifeKit is in line with health applications GoogleFit on Android and Health on IOS, unlike the price, which is obviously cheaper in the Chinese group.

For the moment, the only objects in the SmartCare range that were revealed during the conference on the M1 are the SmartScale smart scale, which would cost only 199 yuan, or 28 €. And theSmartBulb smart bulb which would be sold at a price of 119 yuan, or 16 €. However, on the brand's website (in Chinese), you can also find a smart plug and a air purifier.

What we know

Meizu X-Light

If we do not yet have many details on the LifeKit and the SmartCare range, we know nevertheless that all these objects will be smart health connected to your smartphone app where you can control as you see fit. Many other smart health connected objects on the market will also be compatible. With the smart bulb, you will be able to choose between different shades and light intensities to best imitate daylight. With the smart plug you can turn on devices remotely, and the air purifier will be programmable from your phone. It remains to be seen whether these products will be equipped with a simple bluetooth connection or wifi / 4G allowing control at a greater distance.

A market already well established

The smart health connected objects market dedicated to fitness already has a many companies. Will the Chinese group succeed in imposing its LifeKit against heavyweights like Google or Apple ? Possible, but in this case it will surely be necessary that its products are available abroad at unbeatable price. In any case, it is too early to make an opinion, let’s wait to find out more first.

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