Medispa Lyon and Aix en Provence – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Medispa Lyon and Aix en Provence – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Medical luxury? The meeting of MEDIcal and SPA in a cozy place

A pioneer of its kind, Medispa is neither a cosmetic surgery clinic, nor a spa, nor a practice, but a Medispa, a mix between pampering spa and medical room with on-site medical and paramedical staff delivering aesthetic medicine treatments. . That of Lyon offers two major areas of care with anti-aging treatments (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, mesolift, etc.) and slimming with remodeling of the silhouette and chrono-nutrition. All treatment protocols result from the confrontation of clinical experiences in areas such as dermatology, plastic surgery, angiology, nutrition, cosmetology. Medispa also relies on university hospital structures, sub-contracting service providers and on experimentation companies for the development, manufacture and objectification of its products. Surrounded by experts and the latest technical advances in aesthetic medicine, the two Medispa offer unique and personalized protocols for the treatment of wrinkles, facial remodeling, firming treatments, complexion radiance treatments, treatment of pigment spots and vascular spots. , treatment of acne scars, post-operative drainage, dermo-pigmentation, etc.

We have more specifically selected injections for the treatment of wrinkles and chrono-nutrition.

The mesolift will be used in case of superficial wrinkles. These micro-injections make it possible to obtain a boost of radiance and, with the use of hyaluronic acid, to treat the areas of the neck, décolleté and face. Botulinum toxin is recommended for expression lines and is injected into the muscles. It is generally injected into the upper face, frown lines, foreheads and crow’s feet. Hyaluronic acid is a filler product and is most often applied to the lower face. It maintains the level of hydration and is well suited to plump cheekbones, lips, the valley of tears among others. Finally, with the arrival of “volumizers” based on hyaluronic acid, a remodeling of the face is possible including treatment of dark circles, the nose, the times and the oval of the face.

On the slimming side, the concept of Chrono-nutrition proposed is not, according to the leaders, a diet but a food method which studies the way in which our biological rhythm influences the use of food during the day. Indeed, depending on the time of day of food intake, it has been shown that these are managed or stored, resulting in greater or lesser weight gain. Chrono-nutrition® is based on the use of a diet adapted to the biological rhythms of hormones (cortisol, insulin, growth hormones, etc.) which govern the use of nutrients (proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids). Chrono-nutrition can also be supplemented by micro-nutrition which makes it possible to compensate for deficiencies and deficits in micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Individual and personalized care by a nutritionist offering assessment, screening for deficiencies and supplementation helps prevent the signs of accelerated aging, such as the oxidation of our cells, menopausal disorders, overweight, etc.

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