Manage your insulin levels with the iHealth BG5 glucometer

In the series of smart health connected objects intended for health, iHealth had already presented a number of tools, including a precise and easy-to-use blood pressure monitoring. On the same principle, this company returns to the market with its BG5 glucometer, wireless, intelligent.

iHealth BG glucometer

The iHealth BG5 glucometer

It allows to measure but also ofrecord your blood sugar level. Sold with iHealth Review strips, this portable device smart health connected in Bluetooth measures 9 cm long, 3.5 wide and 1.9 thick.

The BG5 glucometer is small and sober, he is adorned with a LED screen easily readable for more comfort. Intended for a regular use, He is fast, five seconds sufficient to deliver precise results.

1 iHealth BG5 glucometer

The connection saves significant time but above all avoids human errors in encoding, strip calculation and reporting of results. Everything here is done automatically and stored on a free secure cloud.

The starter kit contains a vial of Review strips, lancets, a lancing device, a vial of control solution and a travel case.

The iHealth Gluco Smart application dedicated to the BG5 glucometer

iHealth BG5 app glucometer

She is Free and allows to automatically trace the quantity of strips and their expiration date. It can also serve as reminder to alert you when it's time to take your medication or insulin doses.

To reassure your loved ones, you will also be able to instantly share your results. A utility which can take on its full meaning in case of doubt since you can also transmit them to your doctor.

A log book integrated into this application allowsautomate results in the iHealth Cloud, promised completely secure and reliable.

Designed to be easy to use, using iHealth Gluco Smart allows you to manage your blood sugar levels, the use of Review strips and insulin doses, no matter where you are.

Finally, for more security, the bottles filled with 25 strips each have a QR code, scanned by the application, it allows automatic tracking of the amount and some expiration date of these measurement tools.

Already on sale, iHealth's BG5 glucometer is sold for 70 euros.

A deliberately very targeted tool that allows better patient monitoring, greater autonomy and undoubtedly a considerable reduction in human errors …



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