manage your forms while eating

manage your forms while eating

Diet can greatly modify the body and its forms. Of course, a reduction in food will reduce overall fat volumes all over the body, but there is much better to do.

More than just shedding pounds, it’s about losing them (or gaining them) in the right places.

Keep your muscles!

First of all, the only reduction in the quantities of food (hypocaloric diet) leads, most often, to a simultaneous loss of muscle mass which is not desirable. On the contrary, it is generally favorable to increase this lean mass (muscles) which will allow better burning of calories in general.

Thus, the basic energy expenditure of the body is increased. It becomes easier to control your weight with less calorie restriction which is always tedious in the long run.

If the distribution of subcutaneous body fat is essential for the silhouette, we must not neglect the muscular forms, in particular the “round” muscles (buttocks, shoulders) which are the first to lose volume with age. Hence the interest of certain physical exercises for these areas.

Food quality first

When we know that 90% of restrictive diets are doomed to failure by regaining weight in the years that follow, we understand that the quality of food is more important than the quantity.

Indeed, the choice of food can act on several levels:

The nervous system

It is now proven that certain foods can modify the metabolism of our neurotransmitters (these “brain hormones” which regulate, among other things, our mood). This is well known in oriental medicine where the tastes of food are associated with emotions (for example: pungent=anger, bitter=anxiety…). The action on the neuromediators is particularly important to fight against food impulses and uncontrolled cravings.

hormonal system

It can facilitate or slow down the elimination of fat from the body but also modify its distribution (for example apple for men or pear for women, etc.)

Digestive tract ecosystem

Numerous studies have shown the relationship between weight control and the balance of the intestinal flora. Again, tradition taught us the importance of a healthy, well-functioning colon.

To lose weight: seek balance and health

Excess weight, a lack of silhouette, a bad distribution of fat sign a health imbalance. Are frequently found:

  • too much stress that can lead to anxiety and depression
  • a lack of physical activitybelly and good digestion
  • various hormonal disorders
  • digestive disorders (poor absorption/elimination, altered digestive flora, food intolerances, etc.)
  • and also: circulatory disorders, postural static problems, edema, etc…

In integral medicine, a well-managed weight loss must be a step towards better health and not a source of frustration and various disorders. To lose weight permanently, the patient’s diet and overall care must help restore balance at all levels: nervous, digestive, energetic, hormonal, etc.

To lose weight: fight against excess “anabolism”

Apart from the classic rules which consist in eating fewer calories to lose fat, it is very interesting, in integral medicine, to consider the approach of oriental medicines, in particular Ayurvedic, which are much more nuanced, to go further in the results.

As a general rule, overweight and cellulite are linked to excess anabolism: too much tissue manufacturing and storage work done by the body (in oriental medicine: too much earth and water elements, Kapha in Ayurveda) . It is activated by sweet tasting foods, root vegetables, heavy, dense and smooth… More information on our anabolic constitution sheet >

Food must therefore first of all fight against this tendency by favoring the “metabolic” (fire) and “catabolic” (air) functions.

Increase your metabolic functions

These are the functions of burning nutrients to make energy. They are associated with fire in Ayurvedic medicine, with the thyroid which activates them, as well as with the enzymes which promote the processes of transformation. In Ayurvedic medicine, they are mainly related to pungent flavors.

Against the excess of body fat, it will therefore be necessary to promote foods such as pepper, ginger, chilli and other pungent spices (provided that the stomach supports them well). It will also be necessary to eat rather hot dishes. Read more about Metabolic Constitution >

Increase your catabolic functions

These are those of transformation and elimination of metabolic waste. They are associated with the wind in Ayurvedic medicine, the musculoskeletal system, the colon… They are linked to the bitter and astringent flavors. It will therefore be necessary to favor foods such as endives, spinach, pomegranate, asparagus, celery, pineapple… It will also be necessary to favor light and dry foods (vegetable leaves, salads, dried foods…). Read more about the catabolic constitution >

Choose your foods to lose weight from where you want

woman slim bodyMore than just losing pounds, it’s about losing them in the right places.
Choosing foods according to their flavors and characteristics can be wise to eliminate excess fat. Let’s see how this choice can act to lose your cellulite in the right place.
In particular, hormonal functions are very often involved in cellulite accumulations (see also “natural cosmetic surgery“).

Fat accumulated on the stomach and upper body

This distribution of overweight, more common in men or postmenopausal women, is often related to digestive disorders and carbohydrate metabolism (digestion of carbohydrates). We also frequently find an excess of insulin in these people and sometimes a deficiency in growth hormone and/or DHEA.

Fast sugars and foods that contain them are the first culprits. As a general rule, they are bad for health and longevity (see healthy diet). Sugars, pastries, sodas, confectionery, are to be eliminated in all weight problems. This is even more true for excess abdominal fat.belly-2354_640
Fats are difficult to digest (especially cooked) and should be avoided (except raw vegetable fats for their omega 3 intake).

Choose foods rich in fiber (vegetables and legumes) and non-fat animal proteins. Choose the least sweet fruits. Avoid caffeine which increases the production of insulin by the pancreas.
After 50 years, the decline in DHEA is more marked and it is then good to increase foods rich in vitamin E (wheat germ) and unsaturated fatty acids.

Fat accumulated on the lower body

This fat is often more related to a problem of burning fat reserves than excess daily calories. Who says “combustion” says physical activity which must, of course, be increased. But this is not enough. Indeed, fat cells in the lower body tend to store fat easily but release it with great difficulty. This is mainly linked to a particular hormonal sensitivity that is generally found in women with an excess of estrogens and a lack of progesterone, which can be associated with an excess of insulin.

The advice above (anti-insulin) still applies. Recommended foods are lean meats, fish and poultry, unsaturated fats (raw vegetable fats, steamed fatty fish, oilseeds). Eat organic instead because many pesticides and other pollutants unfortunately have disturbing effects on sex hormones. Avoid excess salt which promotes water retention.

Fat on limbs

The diffuse fat distributed evenly on the arms as on the legs (in sleeve) is often linked to poor capillary circulation in chilly people. Sometimes a lack of lymphatic circulation is associated with it as well as a lack of thyroid hormones which can add a particular edema effect called myxedema.

Avoid very low calorie diets that slow down the thyroid. Promote iodized foods (fish, seaweed) and those rich in flavonoids that improve circulation: grapes, broccoli, onion, apple, lemon, soy, green tea, red fruits…

Fat accumulated on the upper trunk and neck

It is usually linked to an excess of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands. This excess cortisol leads to excess sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia). Amino acid supplements (arginine, -ornithine, etc.) promote the production of growth hormone which reduces that of cortisol.

Fat accumulated on the stomach

Many authors link it to stress and anxiety, which we often see in our patients. It is often accompanied by digestive disorders such as stomach cramps and heaviness after meals. It would therefore be logical to promote so-called “anti-stress” foods in this case, however without scientific studies confirming this to date.

Thus, nutrition is one of the possibilities for modifying your silhouette according to each particular case, as are treatments for the hormonal field, sport, medical-aesthetic procedures, circulatory treatments, etc… and not the least.

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