Makeover after the summer, it’s possible!

Makeover after the summer, it’s possible!

by Dr Nadine Baron

Before talking about combination therapies, it is necessary to understand some brief notions of histology.

First, know that the dermis is the target, and that three cells are to be tamed.

  • The fibroblast is the ROLLS ROYCE of cells, the one that needs to be stimulated. She synthesizes hyaluronic acid which allows hydration and trophicity of the skin, elastin which gives the skin, as its name suggests, its elasticity, that is to say its ability to regain its shape during stretching, traction , and collagen which gives the skin its density and structure.
  • the melanocyte, the cell to be wary of and know how to temporize. This cell gives color to the skin, and sublimates our complexion. However, sometimes this cell clumps together in the basement membrane and stains the skin.
  • the keratinocyte, rather in the epidermis, the cell which protects the surface of the skin, and gives the aspect, the appearance to the skin. It synthesizes keratin, a fibrous and water-insoluble protein, which gives the skin its impermeability property. The keratinocyte also participates in the protection of the skin against ultraviolet rays by accumulating melanin in melanosomes originating from melanocytes. The melanin is stored in the nucleus, where it protects DNA from damage related to sun exposure. We will not talk here about the feeling of well-being induced by the sun. This feeling is difficult to quantify and it is also linked to the circumstances of the exposure (holidays, outdoor recreation). The main beneficial effect, essential for life, is the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin under the action of UVB rays. Exposing the face for a few minutes a day is enough to produce the necessary amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D allows the absorption of calcium by the digestive tract. We will rather talk about photo-induced skin aging. The sun is the main factor in the skin aging. It results in skin dryness, an uneven complexion, pigmented spots, rosacea, white microcysts and wrinkles.

It is mainly UV rays, both UVA and UVB, which are responsible for these changes.

UVA rays act on the epidermis and dermis. They gradually destroy the elastic fibers that hold the skin together and modify the collagen. UVBs mainly have an action on the epidermis, because they penetrate little into the dermis. The mechanisms of UV-induced alterations are complex. The production of free radicals plays a central role here.

Combined therapies will make it possible to revive the fibroblast, eliminate surface keratinocytes, eliminate surface melanin, in excess.

We will combine in the same session therapies of Biorevitalization by PRX-T33, mesotherapy and phototherapy by LED lights.

These combined therapies are feasible on all phototypes.

Biorevitalization by PRX-T33 results in non-ablative, needle-free chemical skin stimulation. PRX-T33 is composed of 33% TCA modulated by Hydrogen Peroxide. This association leads to a chemical stimulation of the dermis and thus an activation of the growth factors of the fibroblasts without exfoliation of the epidermis. It therefore allows the repair treatment of the skin after any type of aggression, but above all a rejuvenation of the skin.

This treatment can be done by simply applying the product to the skin with a brush, 2 to 3 passes, but depending on the condition of the skin, it may be useful to use a Roller to make the PRX penetrate more deeply. This mechanical action of the Roller mechanically destroys the surface cells, the keratinocytes. PRX alone destroys desmosomes which are small hooks between keratinocytes.

Mesotherapy with NCTF® (New Cellular Treatment Factor) from FILLMED laboratories.

NCTF® is a unique blend comprising more than 50 active ingredients capable of recreating the ideal ecosystem of skin cells.

  • 23 amino acids
  • 12 vitamins 6 co-enzymes
  • 6 minerals
  • 5 nucleobases
  • 1 antioxidant: Glutathione
  • Uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid for revitalization.

However, three injection techniques are possible for three different actions. Depending on the indication and the area to be treated, the doctor injects the mesolift product into three different skin planes to produce the optimal result.

Injections in the epidermis: Homogeneity of the complexion

NCTF® drops are absorbed spontaneously by the skin. This superficial stimulation hydrates the skin, tightens pores and gives an immediate boost of radiance. With the repetition of the sessions, there is a reduction in the depth of the wrinkles.

Injections at the junction of the epidermis and the dermis superficial: fine lines and wrinkles

The doctor lifts the epidermis and injects the product at the junction with the superficial dermis. It then appears on the skin of small white papules which will disappear very quickly.

Injections in the superficial dermis: Tonicity

The doctor injects the product into the fibroblast, responsible for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. There is an increase in neocollagenesis and an improvement in skin firmness.

Finally, to finish, the essential Photo skin rejuvenation by LED lights, at the end of the session. This is one of the most spectacular aspects of anti-aging: reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of time externally. attenuation wrinkles and folds of expression, tightening of pores, lightening of the skin are the effects that can be seen at the end of the first session of phototherapy. The person, immediately after the treatment, has a sensation of the skin which breathes and which, at the same time, feels it tightened. This is due to an improvement in microcirculation, which allows better cellular hydration, as well as energy balancing by action on the mitochondria, the cell’s energy factories.

The “Aesthetic Villa” offers, depending on the condition of the skin, one to three sessions of combined therapies, spaced fifteen days and two sessions spaced a month apart. The average cost per session is 200 euros.

Dr. Nadine Baron

DIU of Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine
CES Medicine and Sports Biology
IUD in Nutrition, Diabetology, Mesotherapy
DU of Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Medicine
Chinese, CAPEDOC graduate
DU in Bodily Injury Compensation, Personal Insurance, in Evaluation of
head trauma.
National IUD for Medical Accidents

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