Lose weight differently with Chrono-Géno-Nutrition – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Lose weight differently with Chrono-Géno-Nutrition – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

A diet to lose weight?

You are spoiled for choice: Atkins Method, Dukan, Pr Rapin and Chrono Nutrition, Jean Michel Cohen or Yann Rougier.

I’m not going to criticize either one, but I’m going to explain my differences and my success factors, my strengths, to regain your figure.

In our industrialized countries, overweight and obesity pose serious social problems. Imagine that in 2011 the United States spent 200 billion dollars to repair the medical damage linked to overweight! We are not spared. We have to face a real global epidemic, a nutritional Tsunami which destroys every human body in its path. On the EARTH live today as many people who are HUNGER as people who are overweight, that is to say 1 billion individuals.

In the United States, we speak of “FOOD DESERT”. What I can translate by “a desert of food”. Let’s understand that the average American, before finding vegetables and fruit, will have to travel about 2 kilometers, whereas he only needs to walk 300 meters to find fast food, sugary drinks or snacks. The problem comes from there. It is very serious and we will have to find solutions.

Now how to sort through all these weight loss diet proposals?

What the hell can we still say that is different or exceptional in this speech to move things forward? How can I guarantee my patients results that are at least as good, or even better, and without the disadvantages of certain diets: constipation, back pain, hair loss, foul breath?

I know how hard it is to lose weight. I know it all the better because it was the subject of my thesis (written in 1978) for Doctor of Medicine. Since then I have not stopped thinking about this problem of being overweight. I came to this conclusion that to lose weight effectively and without gaining weight, I could certainly propose another approach, more polyfactorial, more holistic, encompassing Nutrition, Genetics, Intestinal absorption of foods and their tolerance, the role of toxins and ‘environment. My approach to weight loss therefore adapts to your personality, your tastes, your constitution, your genes.

But what the good Lord could I have done to be like that. How many times have I heard this exclamation in consultation?

In fact, you haven’t done anything wrong to the good god, the solution is quite simply in the activity of your genes (there are about thirty of them) which manage the combustion of food and the distribution of fat on your body. You’re well on your way to understanding why some people get fat just by looking at food while others can eat whatever they want without ever gaining a gram.

The patient population that consults me in Paris is very varied and consists of men and women of all ages: working people who are very concerned about their figure, retirees, journalists, communicators, politicians and even artists, including a certain number of stars. All of them enthusiastically adopted my method, because it allowed them to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Tell yourself also that to lose weight, you must first want it, your motivation is very important.

Then you need a method, and why not mine? A common thread that guides you, that teaches you what to do or not to do, what to eat and when to eat it; all supported by your commitment, your will that will allow you to regain your figure.

Why is my method effective? Because it goes beyond calories, food categories: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, beyond reading the scale. Let me explain, suppose you were born into a “fat” family; you say to yourself, I can’t help it, the pounds are in my genes. Error ! This received idea must be swept from your mind! My method allows you to feed yourself according to your “good genes” those which are necessary for the maintenance of good health and which burn calories instead of storing them.

My four truths to fight against overweight

1- Take into account the essential role of nutrition and adopt chrononutrition, ie the time at which food is ingested. The hour is as important as the food itself. This new science teaches us that food is either burned or stored, depending on the time of day when it is eaten. So you have to learn to eat this or that food at the right time! Otherwise, it may make you fat. We must now speak of Chrono Diet or Chrono Food.

2- Also take genetics into account, the responsibility of which I have just briefly presented. Eating according to your genes.

3- Waging war on the toxins that surround our life, our body, our plates.

4- Remove excess sugars and starches and high glycemic index foods causing what I call storage fat.

Forget the calories, disregard the old diets and their prohibitions, source of frustrations and relapses. With my method you will be able to eat all the foods that suit you, to your hunger, and with pleasure. You will very quickly lose your pounds, where you need to and how you need to on your body. I have collected thousands of testimonials on the effectiveness of this method.

The result, you see it on your scale but also in the eyes of your loved ones and people who love you and who may be envious of you, in other words in the eyes of those who are jealous of you.

For further :

www.today.com : your commitment is the guarantee of your success. Even better, a group commitment, with the support of an entire community, will help you see this success through to the end.

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