Look younger than your age: 10 tips

Look younger than your age: 10 tips

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stand up straight

Standing up straight allows you to adopt a good posture and at the same time maintain a dynamic and more youthful appearance. The right reflex? Imagine a thread that connects the top of your head to the sky: guaranteed effect. And yes, this advice does not only apply to teenagers!

Walking barefoot helps you adapt your movements better in space

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walk barefoot

“The soles of the feet feel the texture of the ground, whether it is hard, soft, grainy… This allows you to sharpen your proprioceptionits deep sensitivity, and to better adapt its movements to the space around us”, explains Dr. Linda Benattar, geriatrician.

Take care of your eyes with tinted lenses

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Opt for tinted glasses

Of category 3 minimum, the tinted glasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays in bright light. Polarized, they will avoid the reflections inherent in flat and horizontal surfaces when skiing or at sea. Taking care of your eyesight can delay eye problems caused by eye aging (cataracts, age-related macular degeneration), but also to preserve their autonomy and their cerebral functions. In effect, vision coordinates movement, and this is the first sense involved in memory. It also counts: it’s a good way to prevent small wrinkles around the eye!

Take care of your brain with new technologies

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Stay connected

“To stay young is to be up to date with the times”, notes Dr. Benattar. New technologies like Google or Facebook, smartphones, tablets help us by maintaining intellectual autonomy and curiosity.

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