Do you suffer from wrinkles or shadows around your mouth? Or lips that are less hydrated than they used to be? don’t you worry; there is all that can be done about it. Read on for the blog of cosmetic doctor Shai Rambaran.

A beautiful mouth with full and firm lips is a real eye-catcher on the face. Unfortunately, with age, the volume in our lips decreases, the lip contours fade and vertical wrinkles appear on the upper lip. In addition, many people suffer from drooping corners of the mouth. Fortunately, in many cases something can be done about this, often with a relatively small intervention, resulting in a radiant smile.

Wrinkles upper lip

With age, the corners of the mouth droop and the volume in the lips decreases. The volume of our jawbone also decreases, causing the skin to loosen up slightly and vertical wrinkles appear around the mouth. These stubborn wrinkles on the upper lip are popularly referred to as Barcode or pleated skirt. They develop around the age of 40, especially in smokers or people who have been exposed to sun radiation for a long time without protection. Sometimes there is a hereditary predisposition.

Because these wrinkles are often deep and hard, treatment is difficult. The advice is to first improve the quality of the skin with one or more treatments (laser, dermapen, peelings or a combination of these) by the skin therapist. The distance between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip becomes longer, there is more emphasis on the upper lip when this piece of skin is treated with fillers. It is therefore important to avoid thick fillers because that gives an unnatural result. A thin filler with hyaluronic acid (combined with a filler that provides hydration from the inside) offers a good result in many cases.

corners of the mouth

Drooping corners of the mouth are caused by strong muscle activity or by loss of volume in the cheeks and cause a dissatisfied and sad expression on the face. Treatment with Botox ® to slow down muscle activity or with Hyaluronic acid fillers to bring volume back to the face provides a beautiful result. For example, see the photo below. The treatment with fillers has resulted in more volume. And thanks to Botox injections, the corners of the mouth have been lifted slightly, resulting in a friendly appearance.

Left is before the treatment, right after.

Dry lips

Our lips are vulnerable because of the thin skin and the lack of natural protection with skin fats and sebaceous glands. Dry or chapped lips are caused by cold, sun, wind, dry air or medication. With age, the lips lose volume. They also become slightly longer and fall inwards, which blurs the lip contour. Do you want less dry lips and restore the lip contours? This is possible through hydration from within: with a thin needle, the lips are injected with Hyaluronic Acid fillers. The moisture balance is restored and the lips feel soft and supple again. As a result, the lips do not get more volume, but they appear optically slightly fuller and firmer.


Not every mouth is created equal. Not only the shape of your lips, but also the position and volume of the upper jaw affect the end result. Would you like beautiful and firm lips and a fresh look again? Please contact us via We are happy to tell you more about it during a non-binding and free consultation.


Shai Rambaran

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