Less sugar and more fasts promote longevity

Less sugar and more fasts promote longevity

This new study by Pr Walter Longo, published in Cell, reinforces the interest of young and a food low in sugars to live longer and healthier lives.

Healthy eatingScientists have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of healthy nutrition to health and longevity, including:

  • eat light, fewer calories,
  • more plants,
  • more fiber,
  • less sugar,
  • less saturated fat…

This time, the researcher’s team specializing in longevity analyzed various aspects of diets such as caloric restriction, the Mediterranean diet, the ketonic diet, vegetarianism, veganism, etc. It also evaluated the different forms of young intermittent (more than 16 hours without eating) (see our article), or periodic young of more than 2 days.

Professor Longo expresses himself thus: We explored the link between nutrients, fasting, genes and longevity in short-lived species, and linked these links to clinical and epidemiological studies in primates and humans, including centenarians, a said Professor Longo. By taking a multi-system, multi-pillar approach based on over a century of research, we can begin to set a longevity diet which represents a solid basis for nutritional recommendations and for future research“.

Thus, for a better life expectancy, here are, in summary, the results of this analysis:

  • eat more legumes
  • more vegetables
  • more grain products complete (rich in fiber)
  • some fish (for their omega 3 intake)
  • small amounts of white meat
  • limit the intake of sugars and refined cereals
  • fasting or adopting a diet that mimics fasting, regularly
  • use olive oil
  • and dark chocolate is not excluded…

This study, whose results are not really surprising, is totally in line with healthy eating and the interest of various forms of fasting, as we describe them in this article (healthy eating) and this one on effects of fasting, and supported by traditional medicines (Chinese or Ayurvedic).
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