Lasers – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Lasers – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Erbium and Fraxel lasers: It is a dermabasion of the skin using a laser.

The laser treats wrinkles by abrading the superficial layers of the skin. Wrinkles around the mouth and chin are most often treated, as well as the eye contour (crow’s feet and eyelids), but the entire face can be treated.

The laser light causes in contact with the skin an evaporation of the superficial layers with a more or less significant effect of heating of the deep layers achieving a tensor effect.

Two main types of laser are used for this:

Fraxel LASER:

The FRAXEL laser is a fractional ablative laser, which uses the dermabrasion system but in four steps this time. This laser allows skin renewal without surgery, without anesthesia, without social eviction, without pain or difficult to manage side effects.

This laser emits high energy impacts that have a very small diameter (100 microns). Equipped with a scanner, the Fraxel laser can emit 2000 impacts per cm². Thus, once the session is over, 20% of the dermis has been treated by the impacts based on the fractional mode (which preserves 75% of the dermis at each session) resulting in extremely rapid healing, without the visible effect of dermabrasion known from previous generation lasers.

Unlike the CO² laser, the FRAXEL laser concerns both men and women of all ages, can be performed on all phototypes and on all parts of the body. For the comfort of the patient, the device can be used with a local anesthetic, in the form of a cream. The procedure only lasts 40 minutes.

The FRAXEL laser also acts on melasma (or skin spots).

The consequences are light: a simple erythema can occur on the skin. New skin tissue grows rapidly.

Results on skin rejuvenation may appear immediately for some (especially for high phototype skin). In other cases, four sessions will allow the patient to appreciate satisfactory skin renewal. The sessions are generally spaced 7 to 10 days apart.


The Erbium laser abrades the skin more superficially. It requires local anesthesia and is reserved for young or pigmented skin and for the treatment of small wrinkles, or areas prohibited by CO2 laser, such as the neck and hands.

This Laser, whose absorption in water is ten times greater than that of CO2, has much lighter thermal effects and, with the same result, results in much simpler post-operative conditions. It is the abrasive laser par excellence . But its thermal effect being less, if the redness is therefore much weaker, the retraction effect is also less significant.

It is therefore a very good instrument for wrinkles, but not for the lifting effect. On the other hand, it is therefore less risky to use it on the lower eyelids because it is much less likely to retract the free edge of the eyelid, what is called an ectropion, which can sometimes happen with the CO2 laser and which takes many months to disappear.

The consequences are: significant edema for 2 days, redness that lasts only fifteen days to three weeks. It does not have the tightening effect of the CO2 laser.

Duration of treatment: from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Price: from 300 to 500€ one area, from 400 to 750€ two areas, from 1200 to 1800€ for the whole face.

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