For this blog I like to present myself (occasionally) as a cosmetic guinea pig. A laser treatment has been on my list for some time, because with this you can achieve a more even skin and skin tightening. Sounds good right? So when the Van Rosmalen Kliniek (where I’ve been visiting for some time) offered me to thoroughly treat my face with the laser, I didn’t have to think twice.

Recently the time had come and I was allowed to visit the very experienced skin therapist Silvia Scheurwater. During the treatment I asked her a few pressing questions.

What can you achieve with laser treatments?

First of all, after a number of treatments in a cure (minimum 4), your face will become much more even. Pigment, couperose and the pore structure visibly improve. And last but not least: the heat stimulates collagen production, which will tighten the skin. Thus, the aging process is slowed down.

What is the influence of a laser treatment on collagen production?

Collagen should be seen as the cement in your face, it really provides firmness. It is a body’s own substance (a protein) that holds the connective tissue together. As you age, your collagen slowly dissolves. With wrinkles and sagging as a result. It is therefore important to keep your collagen stock as large as possible. Good sun protection helps in any case (spf 50) and care products with a strong anti-oxidant.

And the heat of the laser ensures the production of collagen. However, to be able to see the effect properly, you will have to undergo about 6 treatments in a course of treatment. And you have to maintain the result achieved by undergoing a number of treatments per year, because unfortunately the aging process continues.

What exactly does a laser treatment look like?

First, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and then I apply a special guiding gel. Then I move the laser device over the skin and short heat flashes are given. The entire treatment takes about 45 minutes.

What do you look like after laser treatment?

You generally don’t look super treated. Your skin may be slightly redder, feel warmer and the pigment spots may temporarily darken. But after a few days this disappears on its own. The treatment should be repeated after 4 weeks. NB; I recommend a course especially for the winter months, because after the treatments you have to be extra careful with the sun and protect your skin well with an spf50.

Postscript 1: My first laser treatment went very well. To be honest, I did find the short flashes a bit painful, but that may also be because I didn’t know exactly what to expect (and I’ll admit it right away: I’m quite a wimp!). After the flash, the pain disappeared immediately. The next time I just take 2 paracetemol in advance, that also seems to help. Furthermore, I only had a few discolored pigment spots and the redness was not too bad. So good to do!

Postscript 2 (April 2017): I have now completed a course of treatments. It has helped me enormously against the pigmentation spots and redness in my face. My whole face looks nicer and smoother. You do have to be extra careful with the protection of your skin against the sun, I have noticed. Now you should of course always protect your face, but here in the sunny South of France all the more!

You can follow a laser treatment at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek from 585.00 euros, individual treatments cost 163.00 euros. You can contact them without obligation for more information or a free consultation.

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