La Réserve, Geneva (Switzerland) – comprehensive support

La Réserve, Geneva (Switzerland) – comprehensive support

La Réserve with its extraordinary view of Lake Geneva is an institution and the extent of its services astonishes by its diversity: in addition to first-class accommodation and catering, it is the nutritional, sports, mental and of course anti- age that seduced us.

As the place mentions: a timeless lodge, 4 hectares of parkland with access to the lake, no wild animals in sight… And it’s true that this 5* hotel and spa with its 73 rooms, 29 suites and even a villa of 385 m2 looks like paradise less than 5 km from Geneva.

The decoration is of African inspiration: the wood, the leather and the club armchairs could project you into “Out of Africa” ​​but revisited in a very current way with a very sharp gastronomy (the restaurant Tsé Fung is the only starred Asian restaurant in Switzerland ), a dematerialized Harcourt studio and international works of art “Art in the Park” scattered in the gardens and the spa.

The rooms are luxurious with a host of refined details such as cotton sateen bed linen, bathrooms in black granite mosaic and exterior views sometimes embellished with a patio with direct access to the swimming pool. Several suites at your disposal: the La Réserve Suite, the Presidential Suite and the Royal Suite with its two terraces, one of which is 100 m2.


In terms of catering, no less than 5 offers await you, each plunging you into a unique universe: the Loti and its tasty journeys, the Tsé Fung with a menu signed Frank Xu, the Café Lauren and its healthy cuisine, the Réserve Traiteur and its personalized proposals, the Bar with its mixology expert and its menu inspired by chef Frédéric Calmels.

Nescens Spa

We will linger on the Tsé Fung, a Mecca of Chinese gastronomy. Its chef Franck Xu has made his two-course lacquered duck a culinary reference and its black lacquer decor will take you back to the Shanghai of the 1930s.


Beyond massages and better-aging programs, you will appreciate two ranges of cosmeceuticals: Nescens and La Prairie, the two ranges being derived, one from the formulations of Professor Jacques Proust, the other from Doctor Paul Niehans, founder of the La Prairie clinic. Their common point: preserve your youth with a high concentration of anti-aging active ingredients.

When you practice a Nescens treatment, you benefit from both a modeling technique (draining, redensifying, lifting, etc.) which will be carried out by an experienced practitioner and who will work on the areas concerned and active ingredients allowing complete renewal of the dermis. but also cell tissue.

For Face care, eight proposals will be made to you to cover prevention, correction or regeneration needs, such as the Anti-ageing corrective care – Resurfacing which revives the cell cycle, strengthens the skin’s defenses and blurs fine lines.

La Prairie is famous for its Exclusive Cellular Complex, which is sometimes combined with precious ingredients such as caviar, gold or even platinum. Also eight choices including Platinum Rare Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment. It incorporates Platinum Rare Cellular Elixir Night Serum, with Cellular Platinum Rare Cream and Cellular Platinum Rare Eye Cream. Result: completely renewed skin!

We can also note an offer for men with the “La Prairie’s Signature Gentlemen’s Facial” treatment.

Spa Nescens: cabin treatments

According to the formulas, access to the Spa is included. Under the Nescens brand, well known to our readers, it is part of a particularly well-thought-out approach around nutrition, cosmeceutical care and a privileged link with the Genolier clinic where Professor Jacques Proust works (see our interview in a previous issue).

For Claire Martin, Director of Spa Nescens at La Réserve Genève, this is a first gateway into the world of Better Aging. With 56 people including 17 therapists, 17 treatment cabins, the Spa Nescens aims to make you live better and as long as possible.


The care provided in anti-aging cosmeceuticals revolves around 5 axes: cleanse, target, correct, exfoliate and supplement with body, face, eyes and lips offers. We tested the Premium Body Anti-Aging Regeneration Treatment, which is both a body and face treatment lasting 1h30. In our prescription, our masseuse had used a cleansing gel, a metabolic activating tonic, a bio-identical rehydrating serum, a cell renewal and molecular regeneration emulsion, a sequential micro-peel to finish with a bio-identical replenishing mask and a mask. renovating gel. Rarely have we benefited from so many assets in a single session.

Better-Aging programs

Beyond this cabin offer, you will be offered to go further with programs articulated around the concepts of “Healthy Aging”, “Better-Aging” and “Anti-Aging”. According to Claire Martin: “The Better-Aging program can be of 4, 7 or 14 days and aims to recharge your batteries in depth by taking into account weight, stress and more generally all the risk factors that you will incur. . Above all, we carry out a start-up assessment to offer personalized solutions, particularly for nutrition. Meetings with an osteopath, a nutritionist followed by an anti-aging consultation can be offered to you”. If you opt for a 4-day formula, you will have access to the Spa including 4 massages, 2 wraps, 4 balneotherapy sessions, 1 exfoliation. All accompanied by 3 sports coaching sessions and 3 personalized healthy meals.

Check-ups at Clinique Genolier

What adds a certain interest to this range of treatments and programs is access to the Nescens Preventive Medicine Center at the Clinique Genolier. A stone’s throw from the Reserve, you can benefit from extensive check-ups to screen for potential pathologies, assess your state of health and identify risk factors. Nescens medical check-ups are the first step in a successful prevention strategy. Including clinical, biological and radiological assessment, they make it possible to detect diseases early, identify possible risk factors and establish the degree of aging of the organism. An individualized prevention program is then offered, with or without medication.


This anti-aging approach was developed by Professor Jacques Proust. A researcher in the biology of aging at the Gerontology Research Center (National Institute of Aging, National Institute of Health) in Baltimore and at Johns Hopkins University, he is the founder and director of the Nescens Center for Preventive Medicine. He also formulated the cosmeceutical products of the NESCENS range.

International ramifications

The Réserve de Genève and the Clinique Genolier have an increasingly large network of centers both in Switzerland and abroad.

Thus it is possible to complete your care at the Ramatuelle Reserve by participating in a Boot Camp or for the clinical aspect to go to one of the twelve establishments of the Genolier Swiss Medical Network group including Clinique de Montchoisi, Clinique Valmont, Clinique Générale , Eaux-Vives Medical Center, Clinica Ars Medica, Clinica Sant’Anna, Privatklinik Bethanien, Privatklinik Lindberg, Privatklinik Obach, Clinique de Valère and Hôpital de la Providence. 1200 doctors await you there.

Finally to finish, if cosmetic surgery is part of your expectations, know that interventions such as a breast reduction, a face and body lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty… are offered both at Genolier and at the Clinique Nescens Paris Spontini by a team of internationally recognized surgeons.

The Reserve Geneva

Hotel Spa and Villa

Route de Lausanne 301,

1293 Bellevue, Switzerland

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