Last month I posted the first part of my interview with Katja Schuurman. Today it is the turn of part 2, in which she reveals, among other things, her beauty secrets. She also tells how she stays in shape. Read on for all the ins and outs!

Katja’s beauty secret

Of course, as an anti-aging blogger, I want to know from Katja how she comes to look so fabulous. Because “Fab” she is. Also up close, with an even skin that resembles porcelain. And almost no wrinkles. There is no big secret, she assures me. Katja: “I have good genes. It also helps if you are just happy. It’s a shame that people sometimes make it so difficult for each other unnecessarily. And… uuhhh… a good sex life also reflects on the outside, she says with naughty brown viewers. I see that in my parents, but also in myself.” A wonderful answer, but there must be more. What about food, creams and sports for example? I want to know it all.


I’ll start about her slim line. She’s not tall, but she definitely has a nice figure. Could there be a secret diet? Katja: I don’t do diets. I’m happy to eat ice cream, chocolate or some mayo once in a while. However, it is not the case that I just eat what I want. I really have to hold back. But I eat the food my body needs. Most people eat much more than they need.

In general, Katja eats quite healthy. Katja: That’s not very difficult either, because I have Freek (her handsome cooking lover) who takes good care of me. He often serves me delicious dishes with bééërgen vegetables. To illustrate, she throws up her arms. I do have to be careful with those delicious cheese boards. Nice with Sammie (her daughter) in the bath, and then such a cozy board. Only unfortunately not very conducive to the slim line…. But if I gain too much weight, I just skimp on those cheeses. And I cut carbohydrates for a while, that also helps. So actually I follow the “cheese & carbohydrate diet” if necessary, haha!

To play sports

Do you go to the gym, is my next question? Nooooo, please don’t she replies with big gestures. I really hate the gym. Pffff…….nothing for me to hang on to those devices. I prefer to go for a walk (well, keep walking) and a little yoga. I am faithful in that. Oh yes, I also follow a workout program on YouTube. I believe it’s something Asian. Delicious, you can do eight exercises in just four minutes. I try to do this every day. Then the sun salutation and some abdominal exercises. Although… it doesn’t always happen, I admit. I would like to exercise a little more. She adds with a laugh: but I exercise a lot in daily life!


The brunette sitting opposite me has really beautiful skin. Of course I’m very curious if this will all work itself out. Well, no, she says with a wide grin. I am very faithful in taking care of my skin and use many different types of products. It sometimes feels like a pharmacy at home. Funny, it turns out we both have a bathroom full of bottles and jars. That used to be different, because then she put all kinds of things on her face. Foot cream, Vaseline, you name it! If only it was spreadable. Today she is very loyal to Medik8, a cosmeceutical brand. She uses products with Retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, among other things. She has also had laser treatment in the past.

Photo: Bonnita Postma


Then we got to the supplements. She also appears to use it faithfully. And quite a ride too. Of course I want to know which one exactly. “Vitamin D-3 is the first thing she calls out with conviction. Anyone who wants to grow old healthy should take this. And also a multi, vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid”. And maybe also vitamin K2, I ask as an avid K2 lover? No, she’s never heard of that. I explain to her that you need vitamin K2 to get the Calcium where it belongs: in your bones. Without vitamin K2, Calcium will float through your body and end up in your skin, for example. Which causes a hardening, resulting in wrinkles. Katja listens carefully and writes a note about vitamin K2 on her hand.


She’s not a big believer in massive photo retouching. “A little is fine, but you shouldn’t overdo it. For example, smile lines must remain visible. And a little bit of fat here and there too. That’s just the reality isn’t it? Besides, I think those wrinkles look nice. I always try to maintain control over this.” But, for example, for a widely reported article for Esquire (2016), this did not work. She thought the photos were too edited. She doesn’t like it, because that way others get a distorted picture. Katja: “It’s not always so perfect. Sometimes you have to see me in the morning when I just get out of bed, she laughs. I just see a crumpled face, just like everyone else”.

Appearance & happiness

Katja thinks it’s a shame that appearance has such an upper hand in our society. Of course she also has a certain vanity of her own. But what happens on Instagram, for example, she thinks is going too far. “The over-perfect has little to do with reality. Everyone is driving each other crazy with those filters and ideal images. Pursuing a (surreal) ideal image is absolutely at the expense of your happiness in life. Don’t worry about your bags, or nails that aren’t styled, for example. At the same time, we both spontaneously show our not really well-groomed (understatement!) nails to each other. We can’t sit with it. The conclusion is drawn with a smile: nice and important, those nails. And that’s just how it is, we decide. Don’t focus on our lesser points, but just look at the big picture. That will make you a lot happier!

Did you like this article? Then take a look at the “anti-aging” or “in shape” sections. Here you will find all tips about preserving and getting back the best version of yourself. There is really a lot possible in this area!

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