Jade Roller Benefits – Anti-Aging

Jade Roller Benefits – Anti-Aging

Jade rollers have traditionally been used on both the face and body to improve appearance, prevent signs of aging and nourish skin. Below we will explain in detail the main benefits of the jade roller both from a traditional Chinese point of view and from a modern scientific point of view.

Jade Roller in Traditional Chinese Culture

Throughout Chinese history, jade has been prized as a stone of wealth, beauty, and power. Brooches and jewelry for positions of authority were usually made of jade, and beauty tools such as the jade roller were both status symbols and valuable items for renewing the skin and enhancing one’s appearance.

The ancient Chinese did not have constructs of the balance between collagen and elastin in the skin to explain the changes in skin texture with age. Instead, the understanding of aging was born out of the culture of the time and reflected the wealth of knowledge of those eras and the strength of the belief in the connection between health and beauty.

It was believed that beautiful and glowing skin is a reflection of healthy qi or energy. With this understanding, the jade roller was believed to promote a healthy flow of qi through the face or the area of ​​the body it is treating. It’s hard not to make comparisons with our current understanding that jade rollers increase microcirculation, considering this, and indeed the ancient Chinese believed that qi directs the blood and would therefore agree with us.

Under the ancient Chinese system, the jade roller was also believed to balance yin and yang in the skin, especially the face, thus balancing the appearance. The concept of restoring skin harmony is now a buzzword seen in many cosmetics advertisements, but the Chinese took it far more seriously.

In fact, in many ancient Chinese systems, wrinkles and spots on the face were believed to represent disharmony in the internal organs. According to this theory, by reducing these blemishes and wrinkles, a person not only restored harmony and health to his face, but also to his entire body.

When one understands how seriously many of the signs of aging on the face were taken by the ancients, it is easy to understand that a tool like the jade roller would not have survived the millennia unless it was considered very effective.

This applied not only to the face, but also to other parts of the body. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine, scars on the lower abdomen, such as modern caesarean section scars, are still considered serious impairments to women’s gynecological health. Because of this, both needling techniques and custom-made ‘Spiky Jade Rollers‘ are often used to reduce these scars (and often stretch marks) in the belief that this will benefit the health of the women involved.

Modern understanding of the benefits of the jade facial roller

The modern scientific understanding or benefits of the jade rollers is broadly consistent with the traditional understanding, but a very different vocabulary is used.

The Jade Roller can benefit from this

  • Increases and improves lymphatic drainage
  • Increase microcirculation in the skin
  • Reduce puffiness and inflammation, especially around the eyes
  • Smooth out wrinkles to reduce their appearance.

All of these benefits are easily and gently achieved at home or in the clinic. Jade rollers are easy to use and very pleasant and relaxing on contact with the skin.

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