What exactly is an eye lift? And is this the same as an eyelid correction? Read all about it in this article by cosmetic doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen. In it she answers a number of frequently asked questions.

Is an eye lift the same as an upper eyelid correction?

Most talk about an eye lift, because people have an open mind again after the procedure. In addition, the upper eyelid appears lifted. However, the upper eyelid is not pulled up, but a skin oval is removed, preventing it from hanging over. This often makes part of the moving upper eyelid visible again. For women, this is great because the make-up no longer stains so much and it stays in place better. For men, eyelid surgery opens up the look and makes them look less tired. So the eyelid appears lifted (hence the term ‘eye lift’), but the upper eyelids are tighter and therefore the look is fresher.

The eyebrow, on the other hand, can be lifted. This can be done surgically, with botox and/or with fillers.

How many times in your life can you repeat an eyelid correction?

In principle, you can repeat an upper eyelid correction many times. The old scar in the skin is removed each time and a new strip of skin can be removed. However, a number of cosmetic and medical aspects are taken into account. The eyelids must be able to close properly after the procedure, the eyebrows must not have slumped so much that they sag too much afterwards and it must give a better cosmetic result.

What happens with multiple eyelid corrections?

Usually the largest amount of skin is removed the first time. And possibly also some fat in the corner near the nose that can cause swelling. In general, less skin is removed during a second eyelid correction. And during a third eyelid correction, the eyelid hangs more on the outside. This is because the eyebrow, mainly on the outside, drops further and further. So this means removing a much smaller oval that solves this problem.
In any case, it is important to ensure that the eyebrows do not fall further and further over the years. This can be done well by relaxing muscles with botox, which makes the eyebrows lift. But you can also lift the eyebrows with fillers. By keeping the eyebrows lifted, you can extend the time between eyelid corrections or postpone the first eyelid correction.

Can you make asymmetrical eyelids symmetrical again with an eyelid correction?

In many people, the left and right eyes are not the same. Sometimes it appears to be just the upper eyelids and sometimes it is the position of the eyebrows. But it can also be the shape of the eye socket that makes left and right different from each other. Most asymmetry can be remedied by eyelid surgery. The reduction of skin or fat can be adjusted per side to create symmetrical eyes afterwards. As a result, you no longer have to camouflage and adjust asymmetrical eyes with make-up.

Can the position of my eyes change?

The position of the eyes is determined by many factors. This is partly due to the bone structures, the amount of fat, the muscles, the skin and the moisture around the eyes. The look can change because too much skin is removed and mainly too much fat is removed. The position of the eyes can change more with a lower eyelid correction than an upper eyelid correction. If too much fat is removed or the eye is stitched too tightly, it can change the shape of the eye.
Most people are happy that the eyelid overhang has been reduced and the eyelid has tightened so that a piece of the upper eyelid is visible above the eyelashes. If the eyelid correction gives a natural look, the change is not visible to people around you.

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