Can you still see the forest for the trees? After all, there are so many methods for getting a full, glowing skin… For example, I recently underwent a connective tissue massage at the new Cotton Club salon in Zaandam, where connective tissue expert Marloes works. Read here my opinion about connective tissue massages and Marloes’ answer to all my pressing questions.

Cotton Spa

The Cotton Spa is a brand new salon in Zaandam, founded by Floor Kliffen. Visitors to Doctors at Soap probably know her, because she was a familiar face there for years. The store is furnished with natural materials and equipped with the latest gadgets. For example, Cotton Spa has a special device to take a picture of your skin in 5 different ways. Furthermore, the ladies who work there are all well aware of the latest developments in the field of skin care.

The ladies Floor and Marloes

Connective tissue massage

Before Marloes started the connective tissue massage, I received a warning. It can actually hurt. Well, I knew that. Every now and then it seemed as if the skin would tear off, haha… That’s because, Marloes said while she massaged through gently, because your skin gets stuck over time. As a result, your skin has less blood flow and nutrients can no longer reach it. The result is a dull skin, which is more likely to suffer from dryness, wrinkles and therefore sensitivity. Ok, with that thought I just braced myself. All for a good cause of course! In between the intricacies, I asked Marloes my pressing questions about the usefulness of a connective tissue massage.

What does a connective tissue massage do?

Marloes: connective tissue can be compared to the cement between the bricks of a house. The connective tissue is full of collagen and elastin. The firm massage grips in the connective tissue strongly stimulate the production of collagen. And by good blood circulation to the skin, the skin is better able to absorb nutrients.

Connective tissue massage and blood circulation of the skin

Poor blood circulation can cause wrinkles, adhesions or acne, among other things. This means that the cell walls are almost unable to absorb nutrients and remove waste products. Lines become scar tissue due to the folding of the skin. However, the Connective tissue massage improves circulation and optimizes the skin condition. This approach gives you a healthier and firmer skin with a healthy color.

Does a connective tissue massage really work against wrinkles?

Marloes: as the skin ages, less collagen and elastin are produced in the connective tissue. The skin becomes weaker and that causes wrinkles. The rack actually comes out. But with connective tissue massages you can stop this process. The connective tissue massage is extremely suitable for loosening scar tissue. This technique is also widely used in sports and physiotherapy. But then for the body. An extra confirmation that connective tissue massage really does something. The anti-aging effect is therefore not only caused by moisture accumulation, as some claim.

How often should you do a connective tissue massage?

You achieve the most effect by doing a cure. This means that you do at least 5 (for young skin) or 10 treatments (for an anti-aging effect) as an interval for your skin. For this you come into practice 1-2 times a week for a connective tissue treatment with 1 intermediate phase of rest (2 weeks). Then you can keep track of this with your monthly facial. Nb: we have a vlog in which we explain how you can “connective tissues” at home for a party, for example.

The benefits of a connective tissue massage

• Lifting, firming and skin rejuvenating
• Reduces and removes adhesions
• Stimulates the fibroblasts which provides more collagen and elastin
• Active ingredients are better absorbed into the skin.
• Oxygen absorption is better

bib tissue massage
Just after the treatment

My experience with connective tissue massage

After my connective tissue treatment from Marloes, I looked in the mirror and saw that it had all been in vain. My skin looked particularly fresh and glowing. But that wasn’t all. For some time now I have had a kind of uncharming flap on the side of the left corner of my mouth, created under the influence of gravity. But that flap was suddenly much less visible, yeah! According to Marloes, it could improve even more if I regularly have a connective tissue massage. Sounds very promising!

Thanks to the Cotton Spa, where Floor and Marloes in particular.

PS: Saturday at 7:30 pm I will post a special about vitamin C on Anti-Aging Secret. This vitamin can help you with a better resistance, a more beautiful skin and a good mood. A perfect “Happy Aging remedy”! So I hope to see you here again on Saturday. x Mo

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