Intimate surgery and aesthetics – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Intimate surgery and aesthetics – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

With cosmetic surgery, women have been able to shape their buttocks, increase or decrease the volume of their breasts, plump up their lips and plump up their cheekbones… among other things.

We are in the “Sexy”. With intimate surgery, they explore their sex differently by reducing their labia minora or increasing their G-spot. We can talk about the aesthetics of pleasure.

The aesthetics of intimacy often make the front page of magazines in the United States, but this still remains an epiphenomenon in interventions. Be that as it may, these methods are taking place more and more often in consultations even if these operations are still somewhat taboo. This recent craze may be the source of several concerns. First of all, a purely aesthetic research motivated by the generalization of pubic hair removal and the wearing of very low-cut swimsuits which leads to increasing questioning by women in relation to the appearance of their vulva. Then, an obvious discomfort (pain) during sexual intercourse which can appear for example after childbirth having torn the pubococcygeal muscles and the connective tissue. Finally, a pure pursuit of pleasure with G-spot augmentations through injections. Men are also affected by these methods with two major concerns in particular: penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

But then, what makes us find our sex normal or beautiful?

Few comparative studies in the field. We therefore turn to the images conveyed in the media, see in X films. The ideal vulva would thus be the one where the vulvar lips are not visible. American researchers highlight a mound of venus free of all hair with visible labia majora and undetectable labia minora. The pre-pubertal vulva would thus become the “beauty” reference for today’s woman. Far from reality? To get to the bottom of it, they carried out a meticulous examination of around fifty women and the results are far from meeting this fantasy.

Numbers ? We want numbers!

For the Dr Damien Mascret who tracked these results: The length of the labia majora (measured from the top of the clitoris hood to the bottom of the orifice vaginal) ranges from 7 to 12 cm (mean: 9.3 mm). The length of the labia minora (measured from the glans of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal opening) ranges from 2 to 10 cm (average: 6 cm). The width of the labia minora (where it is most important) is between 7 and 50 mm (average 22 mm). The length of the clitoris ranges from 5 to 35 mm, its width from 3 to 10 mm and the distance separating it from the orifice urinary varies between 16 and 45 mm. Finally, the study shows that for the vast majority of women (41 out of 50), the genital area studied was darker than the surrounding skin. Here are some specific references that make us say that there is no well-established “standard”. Still, for those who suffer from it, physically and psychologically, a reappropriation of their sex may possibly be accompanied by an intervention. Loving your vulva is indeed, according to a study by Professor Debra Herbenick published two years ago in the International Journal of Sexual Health, a predictor of greater sexual satisfaction. On the doctor’s side, as Dr. Nadine Baron points out, care must nevertheless be taken to know how to identify the dysmorphophobic patient (obsessive fear (rightly or wrongly) of being ugly or malformed) before embarking on the adventure.

Men fight against the “cloakroom” effect

Men are also subject to pressure and obsessed with the size of their penis: the “cloakroom” effect. Numbers there too? For Dr. Marc Galiano, we can remember that a patient between 20 and 40 years old with a penis at rest of less than 7.5 cm has a micropenis. This criterion makes it possible to distinguish a real micropenis from a narcissistic request or from dysmorphophobia. In this case, a penoplasty (lengthening of the penis) can be envisaged either by section of the suspensory ligament associated with skin plasty, or by liposculpture by injection of autologous fat. And as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, after the failure of the various methods that we have mentioned in this magazine, prostaglandin injections into the penis or the use of a penile implant can be the last resort.

It is therefore possible to have multiple means offered by medicine today to find pleasure, see to accentuate it or quite simply to lead a normal sexual life. On the other hand, not all women and men are equally sensitive to the same criteria of beauty in the world. Know that what we find “sexy” in France will not necessarily be so elsewhere. The standardization of sex is therefore not for tomorrow.

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