Meghan Markle is hot. And we understand that, because what a beauty that woman is! How does she do all that? Well, just, as she explains herself, by regularly doing an oral massage. Yes, you read that right. I was also shocked at first. Do you want to know the seam of the stocking? Then read on quickly.

Oral beauty massage

An oral beauty massage, what is that again? It turns out it’s not as kinky as it sounds, it’s just a massage on the inside of the mouth. This allows the facial muscles to relax and you get a smoother face. You take the tension out of the muscles, as it were. The result is a fresh, even skin tone and a lift of the face. A kind of ‘inner facial’. Pretty different, right?

How does the inner mouth massage work?

First of all, latex gloves are put on. Then the treatment can begin. It starts with a lymph node facial massage. This reduces bags around the eye and removes toxins from the skin. After this, the real work begins: the internal mouth massage. In other words, Meghan’s hobbyhorse. This massage focuses on the muscles in and around the cheek and along the gums. The face is shaped and softened from within.

Nichola Joss

The creator of all this is Nichola Joss. Not just the first, because she counts ladies like Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss among her clientele. And, of course, aspiring Princess Meghan. She has several salons in London and also 1 in New York. Book well in advance if you feel like it, because you will probably understand that the guru’s agenda is packed!


Meghan now swears by this (albeit somewhat special) method. And that’s not a fabrication of the tabloid press, she actually said it herself in an interview with a beauty magazine. On the days she does oral massage, her cheekbones and jawline look much more beautiful, she said. She also revealed that she does the exercises herself at home. PS: I hope Prince Harry is a bit open to this. Mine finds just about anything strange beyond a lick of Nivea!

How much does an ‘inner facial’ cost?

After reading this article, are you convinced of the usefulness of oral massage? Then you will probably also find the price of a treatment interesting. A firm oral massage on Nichola’s crib will cost you around £250. Well, not really cheap, but you probably didn’t expect that with such a celebrity clientele….

Well, I’m not quite sure what to think of the inner facial yet. And the association with the British expression ‘tongue in cheek’ keeps coming to mind as well. But on the other hand: if it does not help, then it does not harm. And moreover: If it’s good enough for Meghan……

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