Green smoothies can help you lose weight. They are also ideal tools to work on a beautiful skin. So it’s high time to dedicate an article to these beauty juices! Do you enjoy reading?


I am a big fan of green smoothies myself. I regularly have breakfast with it, as you might see on my Instagram Stories. Now I am often asked why I do this. Or how exactly to make a smoothie. Nice item for a blog.


Why do I love smoothies so much? Easy. There are (if you make them right) fewer fast carbohydrates than, for example, bread or breakfast cereals and that is of course good for the slim line. In addition, you can put all kinds of healthy substances in it to your heart’s content that slow down aging. Ideal for a happy aging lifestyle! Furthermore, once you get used to it, smoothies are made in a jiffy. You can even pour them into a takeaway cup for a “breakfast on the run”.


What do you need for a smoothie? First of all, make sure you have a good blender before you go “smoothing”. You really don’t have to buy a huge unit of 300.00 euros (really, they exist), because for about 60 euros you already have a great one. Just pay attention to the power, it won’t work if you have to mix for 5 minutes to get your avocado a bit crushed.


Making a smoothie is not very difficult. Chop the products you want to put in it into pieces (see below what you can put in it). Then take your blender and fill it with a layer of water or another liquid (think of unsweetened coconut milk and almond milk). Then fill the blender with a leafy vegetable. Then add the chopped stuff. Plus possibly cocoa powder, beet powder and other healthy powders. Then don’t forget to put the lid on (you only forget that once, trust me on this one ;-)) and start mixing!!!



The basis of your smoothie is green leafy vegetables. Supplemented with a little water, coconut or almond milk. So go wild with spinach, lamb’s lettuce, kale, etc.. Good for the line and the maintenance of a young and healthy body. I usually put in about 80 grams of it. I also add half an avocado (about 90 grams). Avocados are full of beauty qualities. An avocado reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism and also contributes to a beautiful skin. In addition, it makes your smoothie nice and creamy. Moreover, according to the Nutrition Center, this vegetable fruit simply counts towards the prescribed 250 grams of vegetables per day. If I add up my 80 grams of lettuce plus 90 grams of avocado, I can easily get 170 grams of vegetables this early in the morning. Nice is not it?!


You can also add a small piece of fruit to make it sweeter. Just don’t put too much fruit in it, because squeezed fruit has the same effect on your body as fast carbohydrates. As a result, your body does not know what to do with this excess of sugars and stores it as fat. And we don’t want that! So be moderate with fruit in your smoothie. You can also sweeten your smoothie with stevia or vegetable protein powder; these sweeteners have less influence on your sugar level.


I often add all kinds of healthy powders to my smoothie. Such as cocoa powder, which is full of antioxidants so that you age less quickly. Or beet powder, which helps to perform better when exercising. I also often add cinnamon and cayenne powder, because that aids digestion. Vitamin C, the great hero of wrinkle elimination, is also such a regularly recurring ingredient. Your body cannot store vitamin C, so it is wise to take it spread over the day. Oh yes, let me not forget ginger, fresh or in powder form. That purifies your body and helps against inflammation.


It is important that you activate your enzymes in the morning, because they ensure good digestion. You do this by chewing. Now it’s a bit difficult to chew a liquid smoothie and that’s why I also take some healthy, unroasted nuts. I usually take a handful of walnuts and a few Brazil nuts. Walnuts have the most antioxidants of all nuts and are full of good fats. I take Brazil nuts because these nuts are the best supplier of selenium, a (necessary) trace element that occurs less and less in our diet due to depletion of the earth.


I hope that with my smoothie story I have been able to enthuse you a bit to start mixing yourself. It is easy, fast, good for the line and the maintenance of a healthy body. Just try replacing your regular breakfast with a healthy smoothie a few times a week. Then you will probably be just as excited as I am!

x Mo

Ps No smoothie for me this week. I am fasting with the 5-day course of Prolon. More on this soon.

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