Hyaluronic Masks ENEOMEY -I Anti Aging

Hyaluronic Masks ENEOMEY -I Anti Aging

Much more than a mask, a second skin

Subject to different attacks, your skin feels tight. To hydrate and soothe it, the laboratory ENEOMEY now offers the second skin effect mask in pharmacies Hyaluronic Maska very fine biocellulose mask of natural origin already used in post-aesthetic procedures by many doctors.

Its lightness, finesse, transparency, softness and ability to absorb a large amount of water give it exceptional moisturizing properties.

The penetration of cutting-edge active ingredients into the heart of the epidermis is optimal: in just 15 minutes, your skin is more comfortable, hydrated, soothed and plumped up. Most ? The texture of Hyaluronic Mask brings an immediate refreshing and relaxing effect.

Available in pharmacies and parapharmacies. Recommended retail price: €9.90

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