hyaluronic acid – benefits – skin improvement

hyaluronic acid – benefits – skin improvement

Hyaluronic Acid; you have probably already seen this term on Anti-Aging Secret! Hyaluronic acid has been a popular anti-aging ingredient for years, thanks to its gentle, moisturizing and skin-friendly effect. But did you know that hyaluronic acid is also naturally present in your skin? And that it gives a real hydration boost? Read all about what hyaluronic acid can do for your skin in this blog.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that provides hydration and resilience of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is linked to collagen (another fine substance ;-)) and keeps our skin firm and elastic. Hyaluronic acid binds to water and therefore ensures that moisture is retained in the skin. This makes the fabric a natural moisturizer for the skin and makes the skin look tighter and firmer. Hyaluronic acid is therefore the ingredient to stay one step ahead of the aging process; a hydrated and tighter skin shows fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

What does hyaluronic acid do?

Hyaluronic acid is a real powerhouse. This body’s own substance binds large amounts of moisture. It can hold water up to 1000 times its own weight. When hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin, it can bind moisture from deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid can even remove moisture from the air. Because the fabric attracts moisture, fine lines in the face are filled and it can give drier skin a hydration boost.

Even if you still have young, wrinkle-free skin, you can use hyaluronic acid as an anti-aging ingredient as a preventive measure. Hyaluronic acid is a very soft substance that is very skin-friendly. In addition, the fabric also ensures that the skin barrier recovers well. An intact skin barrier is often better hydrated because moisture cannot evaporate from the skin. This is possible with a damaged skin barrier, which can lead to skin aging. Also, harmful external influences are less likely to cause cell damage when the skin barrier is intact. Hyaluronic acid is therefore a natural hydration booster, protects against wrinkles and fine lines, and also helps protect the skin against skin aging. It is important to use a product based on hyaluronic acid consistently, because the substance is quickly broken down by the skin.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid

As mentioned, hyaluronic acid has many positive effects on the skin:

It is suitable for every skin

It works both anti-aging and moisturizing

You get smooth, soft and hydrated skin

How do I prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid?

Ideal that this fine, rejuvenating substance occurs naturally in our skin, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t forever; from 39-plus, the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. So the younger we are, the more the body’s own hyaluronic acid contains the skin. As we age and the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin loses its firmness and volume, and the skin becomes drier. Fortunately, you can lend nature a hand.

Hyaluronic acid in skincare products

Hyaluronic acid has been a popular anti-age ingredient for years, because this fine substance occurs naturally in our skin and can also visibly improve our skin from the outside. Supplement your skincare routine with a fine serum or cream with hyaluronic acid for beautiful, firm and hydrated skin. A fine serum with hyaluronic acid is, for example, the Universkin Nexultra H. This intensive moisturizer consists of pure hyaluronic acid and, in addition to repairing the skin barrier, also immediately provides a ‘plumpy’ effect.

Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Therapy

When your skin needs a hyaluronic acid boost, you can choose to visit a skin therapist. They frequently use hyaluronic acid during treatments and ensure that your skin is brought back into top condition! Consider, for example, a microneedling treatment. In a microneedling treatment, hyaluronic acid is deeply injected into the skin through tiny needles. As a result, the hyaluronic acid is better absorbed by the skin than when you only apply it to the skin. Microneedling strengthens the skin and stimulates the connective tissue cells deep in the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid can also be used in a peeling. A peel is a form of exfoliation, in which the top layer of the skin is peeled, as it were – hence the name peeling! A peeling stimulates cell division, so that the skin is extra hydrated. Because the skin is thoroughly cleaned during a peeling, substances such as hyaluronic acid can then be better absorbed by the skin. A peeling in combination with hyaluronic acid ensures that fine lines are filled and the hydration in the skin is promoted.

Hyaluronic Acid and Injectable Treatments

When there is a lot of volume loss in the skin, people can, for example, be disturbed by a tired or angry appearance. In case of volume loss, you can opt for a filler treatment based on hyaluronic acid. With a filler treatment you can give your appearance a fresh and rested look. Do you notice that your skin could really use a deep hydration boost? Then a Skinbooster treatment is a better choice. A Skinbooster treatment is an injectable treatment of diluted hyaluronic acid, which is injected into the skin with very small injections. This treatment provides visible skin improvement, giving the skin a beautiful and healthy glow again.

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