How to choose an eye care or cream?

How to choose an eye care or cream?

the eye area is a fragile area. This fragility is explained by the anatomy of this area where wrinkles appear first. The skin there is five times thinner than that of the face., with a dermis that contains few fibers of collagen and elastin, fibers of support, which makes it not very resistant. It will crease and especially relax more easily.

Why a specific treatment for the eye contour?

The eyelids and the eyelashes beat more than 15,000 times a day. Their delicacy, the visual overload, added to the oxidizing effects due to the many stresses (smoke, UV…) justify the use of a treatment which, in the morning, will protect and strengthen this very delicate skin and repair it in the evening.

Unlike a face cream, a specific eye contour treatment is formulated with a minimum of potentially irritating or allergenic ingredients given the proximity to the ocular mucosa.

From what age should it be used? As soon as possible in order todelay the appearance of expression linesgenerally around 25/30 years.

What active ingredients go into the composition of an eye contour treatment?

For a treatment to be of high quality, it must contain:

  • ingredients draining, concealer and anti-puffiness : caffeine, albizia (or silk tree) extract, escin (horse chestnut extract), seaweed…;
  • from active veinotonics (arnica, green tea, sweet clover, small holly or ruscus…);
  • from antioxidant agents (coenzyme Q10, vitamins C and E, ferulic acid…);
  • from moisturizing active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vegetable oils, etc.);
  • and, according to the formulas, soothing active ingredients (blueberry floral water), anti-aging (peptides), smoothing (oat sugars, wheat proteins…), or beautifying (pearlescent, pink pigments, blurring agents…).
  • It provides nutrients and hydrates, which helps to limit wrinkles.
  • He deflates and promotes blood and lymphatic microcirculation.
  • It regenerates: the area around the eyes, constantly in motion, is easily marked.
  • He fight against tissue relaxation : the dermis around the eyes is poor in collagen fibres, hence this “crepe paper” effect.

Gel, serum, or cream for an eye anti-wrinkle?

  • The freeze (especially in the morning) if you have tired eyes, swollen eyelids or puffiness. Its freshness promotes decongestion and “awakens” the eyes.
  • The serum (morning and evening), the most smoothing texture and concentrated in active ingredients, if the eye contour is marked or sagging.
  • Cream (morning and evening) if the eye contour is sensitive, dry and/or dehydrated. Today, its fine texture penetrates quickly and allows make-up to be applied immediately.
  • But eye contour care is also the king of hybrid textures (gel-cream, serum-gel or serum-balm…) which combine the benefits of each other.
  • Apply the treatment in very small quantities, the equivalent of a grain of rice (we always put too much, it’s proven) on the ring.
  • Rub in with light tapping motions, working from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Insist on the crow’s feet.
  • Start again from the inner corner of the eye, working your way up the eyebrow to the temple.

The metal tip applicator boosts microcirculation and improves skin tone, while avoiding excessive finger pressure. Whatever the product, you will benefit from placing it in the refrigerator to increase its fresh and decongestant effect.

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