How long will your healthy life be? Integral anti-aging

How long will your healthy life be?  Integral anti-aging

Living long is good, but being fit is better

Today we all know that the average lifespan of human beings has continued to increase in recent decades. This is the case in most countries but can the same be said for the healthy lifespan?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the average measure determining the number of years that a person can expect to live in good health, in a given country. A relevant measure since living long and sick is much less interesting than when the years add up, while maintaining the form and all its capacities.

Similarly, one can define the average number of years in poor health for the population of a country. This is where the problem lies. Indeed, in most modern and industrialized countries this number has been increasing since the year 2000. For example in Europe:

And in the world (credit Medigo° 2016):

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Apart from card shooters, there are predictive elements. We are talking here about the probable life time in good health. Some analyzes are considered very reliable by scientists:

DNA and telomeres– telomere length:
These protective caps on the ends of our cellular DNA wear down with each cell division. Also over time, they end up no longer protecting the DNA of cells that become abnormal or senescent.
Some laboratories offer to measure your telomeres, which would give an idea of ​​your overall cellular aging status. Note that these same telomeres can be lengthened by certain treatments or even by lifestyle.

wrist watch– the endotheliometer:
It is a device that can fit in a watch, analyzing through your skin the activity of endothelial cells, those that line the wall of your vessels. Researchers believe that the state of your vascular walls, their rigidity or their flexibility, are good indicators of general health.

– The genomic signature:
genes and DNAThis is the latest discovery and perhaps the most reliable. Scientists have found 10 expression markers of our genes particularly significant for longevity. Whether or not they are activated determines our susceptibility to diseases of aging and our likely longevity.

Note that these are gene expressions (ie epigenetics) and not genes that we have or do not have, or even heredity. This means that this is modifiable, in particular by the way of life. This leads us to the integral approach of the predictive factors of longevity which are the constitution and the hygiene of life.

Constitution and lifestyle, omens of your longevity

Your constitution, your heredity

You have inherited a genetic heritage from your parents. This is the configuration of your chromosomes and the genes they present. Your genes shape your physique. Your body is tall, short, thin, stocky… The color of your hair, that of your eyes are defined. It is your innate nature, your constitution. You are made that way.

Your constitution gives you strong points for your health but also weak points. Doctors know, for example, that a baby weighing more than 4 kg at birth will have a greater chance of becoming diabetic. Field medicines such as homeopathy go much further by determining the diseases to which certain constitutions will be more exposed.

Without going so far as to predict your lifespan, your constitution tells you your susceptibility to certain diseases, just as having certain genes puts you at risk of cancer or autoimmune diseases (scientists have shown this).

Ayurvedic medicine also describes this very well and defines 3 main principles that influence the health of the body and the mind (the doshas), governed by 3 elements: fire, air, earth (find out more about the constitution in Ayurveda). The perfect constitution would be a right balance between these 3 doshas. It is the one that would give the best health.

Then, depending on whether one of the elements is dominant or insufficient, the tendencies to certain diseases are described, for example:
– too much fire or Pitta promotes cardiovascular diseases (see metabolic type)
– too much earth or Kapha, diabetes, oedemas… (see anabolic type)
– too much wind or Vatta favors rheumatism and diseases of the nerves (see catabolic type), etc…

DNA chromosomeAlter your health destiny with epigenetics

Over the past few years, researchers have shown that our different genes are not necessarily active in our health. Even more, they understood that our way of life, our environment or certain remedies could modify their expression (the fact that they are active or not).

Thus, our innate genetics can be modified (at least in large part). Of course, we cannot change the color of our eyes or our size, but we now know that it is possible, for example, to modify the expression of genes predisposing to cancers or certain diseases. It's called theepigenetics (see our article).

Your health destiny is therefore not immutable. Scientists believe that epigenetics can influence your health at least 2 times than your genetics. Great news when looking to stay healthy and fit for a long time.

It becomes even more interesting when you know that Ayurveda has been teaching the same thing for millennia. He certainly uses other words and a different vision, but the result is the same. The health of the human being is influenced by his environment but the latter can also modify his constitution, his strong points, his weak points, his predisposition to diseases...

Let's take an example to illustrate this point: an individual with a catabolic constitution (rather tall, thin and anxious) is predisposed to neurological diseases and rheumatism. One could say that by living in a hot, humid and mountainous country, he will be less likely to develop Parkinson's disease or polyarthritis. And even less if he knows how to choose his diet appropriately, etc.

Lifestyle and longevity

Thus, the way you eat, the different types of physical exercise you practice, the place where you live, your environment, your emotional and social relationships, the way you manage stress, meditation, yoga... Everything it can increase the length of your healthy existence. Many studies have shown that it can alter the expression of your genes.

In addition to helping your body to function well, to maintain it and not to poison it, a healthy lifestyle can turn off your disease-predisposing genes and turn on repair genes and those related to longevity. Of course, an unhealthy lifestyle can do the opposite.

We therefore knew that our environment and our way of life influenced our health and our longevity, but the great discovery is that we can largely modify the functioning of the genes that we inherited at birth.

Even stronger: epigenetic modifications would be transmissible ! In addition to your eye color, your parents (and even your grandparents) can pass down longevity to you based on the lifestyle they followed.

There are therefore only advantages to following the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Science confirms it today but medicines and traditional teachings (like Ayurveda) have known it for a long time. Moreover, they teach us that a healthy lifestyle is not the same for everyone. It can change from person to person, depending on their constitution, which modern classical medicine does not yet really take into account.

Hopefully this will happen one day.

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