Do Fat Burners Work?How Do Fat Burners Work?

The fat burner food supplements are supposed to promote the elimination of fat and activate the metabolism in order to shed our extra pounds. What do they contain, what is their action and are they really effective?How Do Fat Burners Work?

Reduces fat production “,” Improves athletic performance ” or ” suppresses appetite ” : products ” burners of Fat ”promise to accelerate weight loss by helping us eliminate hard-to-stock fat while increasing muscle mass. They are most often composed of vitamins and plants: caffeine, turmeric, green tea, guarana, wakame, ketone of raspberry, carnitine, etc. Vitamins aim to compensate for fatigue and dietary restriction associated with the diet.

Fat burners: how do they work?

There are two main types of fat burners :

  • The sensors fat, which absorbs fat from the intestine. We can cite chitosan (derived from the shell of shellfish marine) or orange fibers and cocoa. They are usually added with ingredients appetite suppressant (seeds of carob, konjac …) which swell in thestomach and produce a satiety effect.
  • Fat burners, which increase the thermogenesis (production of heat by the organization). They increase the metabolism at rest, which promotes lipolysis (degradation of lipids). Green tea and caffeine in particular contain catechins, which increase the concentration of noradrenaline in the body. The latter increases energy expenditure and theoxidation fat.

Fat burners: are they useful?

Despite the promises of the manufacturers, there are no serious scientific studies showing the effectiveness of fat burners for weight loss. Most studies are conducted in mice or with doses much higher than those contained in dietary supplements. According to a 2011 meta-study, the only two ingredients that have shown some efficacy in increasing thermogenesis and weightloss are caffeine and green tea. According to another 2012 study, who has reviewed hundreds of products available in the market, the additional weight loss reaches a maximum of two to three kilograms compared to the group placebo, and only within the framework of an associated diet and sports practice. Fat burners can however be of interest at the start of a diet as a motivational element.

Fat burner: precautions to take

Find out about the origin of the products. You can see on the Web many offers promising miraculous weight loss. Most of the time, the companies are based abroad and no control body has validated the ingredients. Be sure to check for regulatory claims. And make sure you can contact the company, either for advice or for after-sales service, for example.

Some fat burning supplements have side effects.

  • The excess caffeine causes irritability, anxiety, insomnia and increased heart rate.
  • Fat traps prevent the assimilation of certain nutrients. “Good fats” such as omega-3s are also eliminated, as are fat soluble vitamins. Also be careful if you are taking medication, which must be taken away from the fat sensors.
  • Used continuously, fat burners become habituated by the body and lose efficiency. It is therefore advisable to take them as a cure (two to three months maximum) for example at the start of a diet.


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